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Touchpad and External Mouse conflicts


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Touchpad and External Mouse conflicts

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On my Studio 1555, I have been having issues with external mouse recognition.  There is the option to turn off the touchpad when an external USB mouse is present.  I love this feature.  But for some reason, when I unplug my new Death Adder mouse (with drivers properly installed I believe) the computer still believes that a USB mouse is present.  I have nothing plugged into my computer, but the message still reads "Your Touchpad has been disabled because the Synaptics TouchPad driver has detected another pointing device plugged into your computer."

Needless to say, I've gotten pretty good at maneuvering the Control panel and such with just the keyboard, but I'd like to find some way to get this situation resolved so I can make my computer a bit more portable.

Any suggestions?
I have reinstalled the drivers several times off the Dell site.  No luck fixing it yet.  I even reformat my computer thinking it was a more complicated issue that was caused by corrupted .ini files or some such nonsense.  The only idea I have is that the Razer driver is causing issues with the Dell Touchpad drivers, but I can't seem to confirm this.

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  • I fixed the problem.  I updated the Razer drivers and disabled, but not uninstalled, the touchpad drivers.  Problem fixed, no issues sense.

    *case closed*

  • I have this same problem...but which drivers did you update? I would like to try the same fix