I just received a new laptop (E5400) and am SHOCKED that it lacks support for Windows 7 64 bit.  The install process was smooth, it found every driver, except the finger print reader which was found with an update.  The first sign of trouble is when I tried to install the connection manager (to disable wireless when connected to a wired LAN) and it refused to run claiming the processor wasn't supported.

The E5400 was recommended (by Dell Sales) to the corporate bean counters as a capable, affordable alternative to the E6400 which the IT researched and recommended as the corporate standard. 

Please tell your sales staff that it is NOT an acceptable replacement for the E6400.  No 64 Bit support, Max ram limit of 4 GB, Where are the discrete graphics adapters???  The E5400 is advertsied as an ENTERPRISE PERFORMANCE laptop when it clearly is not.