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Latitude D620 Not powering up.


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Latitude D620 Not powering up.

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This morning I was not able to power up my Latitude D620 laptop. No problems previously, or last time I used it, which was last Thursday. Logged off as usual, left it on the docking station, as usual. This morning, I come in, it would not power on from the docking station, or off. The power light, and bluetooth light will come on, as well as the number lock, cap lock and scroll lock lights, but they stay on for only about 5 seconds, then all shut off again. I do not even notice any attempt to boot up or turn on. I do not get a code flashing on the three lights either, as I have noticed in several postings and trouble shooting searches. I get this same response with the battery in and not plugged in, battery out and plugged in, and same for on the docking station.

I have pushed the battery life indicator on the back of the battery and I get all five led lights to come on, so it appears charged. This is a replacement batter from the original that was recalled a couple years back.

Any suggestions as to how to fix this?? Any suggestions as to what it is??

Have I been hacked? Do I need a new board? Anything would help here. I have went through the troubleshooting on the Dell website, and got nothing other than come here and contact someone as to get help. Thought I would start here first.


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  • Hi, did you get this fixed? I am having the exact same problem