DELL INSPIRON 1564 , Screen goes white blank


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DELL INSPIRON 1564 , Screen goes white blank

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my Dell INSPIRON 1564 is only two month old. It has a problem that screen goes blank white while booting. This problem also occured 2-3 times when I was working on it. I re-loaded the video card drive supplied by Dell but problem remains unresolved. Dell support centre is not responding to the problem.

Will be thankful if some one suggest me the remedy/ solution for this problem.


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  • The suggestion of opening the laptop lid as far as it will go before powering on actually worked great for around 6-7 months, however afterwards even this workaround isn't working.

    The only way to use this Inspiron 1564 laptop now is via connecting it to external monitor. Any idea is it happening with all the inspiron 1564 laptops or is it issue with specific batch?

    All: Any other tips and tricks? Has anyone tried sending the laptop back to dell? How much it costs to repair it (the laptop is not longer on warranty)?

  • I bought my Dell several months ago from Saudi Arabia , and I had the video card problem which doesnt allow me to see any video because the screen will be black and it will stop all activities which will enforce me to torn off the laptop from the turn off/on button.

    Ofcourse , I updated everything from BIOS to Vedio Card ..but in vain . 4 months ago it stopped working and I was using external screen ...but after 2 months it worked suddenly and it was very nice . few weeks ago it started to give pixilized and deformed colors .. I think it is about to die !

    I would like to say it is not good from Dell to use such inappropriate combination  in this model ..I believe it a shameful situation which must lead Dell to recollect all laptops from the market and fix this problem .

    If I am wrong I would like to hear from Dell Support what reason made such international problem ..All of us have new laptops and it should work at least 2 years without any problem as long as we are using it in office and home work not engineering work in the fields.  

  • My Dell Inspiron 1564 is about an year and  a half old. I don't get a white screen but whenever i watch any videos or play a flash based content over the internet, after a few minutes the screen gets scrambled and the speakers make a fast repetitive sound. I have to explicitly power off the system whenever this happen and wait for it to cool down. This occurrence is less frequent on power saver mode.

    I have tried a lot of forums but nothing helped me so far......

    If i go to the Dell Service center they will simply ask me to replace the hardware rather than diagnosing the problem and  finding a cure. As my system is out of warranty, this is not an option.

    The Specs are same as yours but i also have an

    ATI Radeon 4330 Graphic Card (512 Mb)

    rest  is same as yours

    2 GB DDR3

    15.4", 250GB, Webcam, HDMI

    BIOS ver. A11 (Updated as of 8/18/2010)

  • Hello All. I bought mine at Best Buy and fortunately had the warranty thru them. I brought it back and they replaced the processor. Not sure why, but that has fixed it almost 99%. The screen occasionally goes white but only during boot now. It's essentially fixed. I'm sorry but I don't know of any other way to fix this problem.

    I will say I am probably not going to get another Dell laptop based on this experience and their garbage customer support. When I call the hotline, they promise it will be fixed, IF I BUY more coverage. Bottom line is though - the Dell product didn't work from the day I bought it, so why should I have to fork out more money.

    Fortunately, Best Buy saved me. From now on, no more Dells for me, and I will include warranty price in my budget for how much I can spend on a computer.

    That's all the answers I have - I will now be unsubscribing from this thread.

  • I have inspiron 1564 i3 and it is excatly same problem happening. warranty finished coupleof months ago, i think dell has to extend guaranty for this problem because the reason is hardware issue, tehy cant calculate hardware issue in guaranty state, hp was extended guaranty for vga problem on pavilion series laptop.

    sometimes manufacture has to accept their mistakes and hasto care of customers.


  • The problem of the screen and also video camera is 99% certain coming from the ribbon cable at the back of the screen.  I share the same problem too.  Every now and then I take out the screen and re-fix the cables.  Sometimes it lasts a few months without problems before it happens again. Every time I take my laptop to the local Dell Serice Centre I have to pay a service charge. It's not on with me anymore as this is clear it's manufacturer issue.  When it breaks or it's becomes old, I'm not going to look at Dell anymore.  They used to make the best laptops and PCs one day. But no more.  It's a big shame as they're digging their own hole.  There is a chorus of people crying out with this problem and Dell just sit there and do nothing. Frustrated - jeez. I've never had a PC/laptop that gave me so much hassle.

  • The problem is with the ribbon cable at the back of the screen. Try taking the screen off (look for it in youtube) detach it and attach it again and it should last you a few months until you have to do it all over again.

  • Hi Joespresso,

    I have similar white screen issue on my Inspiron 1564 since some 10 month now.
    When it goes white I can solve it
     - sometimes with Strg+Alt+Entf (=Ctrl+Alt+Del)
     - everytime by pressing 2 times F2-Key for accessing an external projector (which is not existing...). This is not found but screen comes back.

    Sometimes white screen comes back again within some seconds, sometimes it's ok for hours/days/weeks.

    I didn't touch the screen or move the Notebook during my last trails. Accordingly I can't belive that the root cause is a cable contact problem.

    Strange thing...

    Best regards




  • I repair computers for a living, though I tend to stay away from laptops because I hate all those small parts. My niece asked me to look at her Dell and it did the same thing, that being a minute or two after warming up the screen would turn white from the bottom up. At that time the pc was frozen, you couldn't move the mouse or bring up anything from the start menu. One thing I did notice is that if I tapped one corner of the laptop on my table, the screen would return to normal and function. I thought this might be a fan issue and the motherboard or video card was overheating from lack of air flow, so although I was hesitant, before opening it up I took a can of air and blew it into the fan. A good amount of dust and debris came out and after that it ran fine for almost an hour. I had my niece take it home but she called me yesterday and says it's doing the same thing. I'm thinking more along the lines of a video card or mb problem. This is one reason I'll never buy a Dell. My company bought thousands of the GX 270 and 280 small form factor pc's.  They had horrible air flow due to insufficient vent openings. Not long after all the caps were swelling, we were replacing system boards by the dozens and Dell never even issued a recall. That speaks volumes to me about integrity. I think the same thing is happening here. Insufficient air flow and Dell needs to repair them at little or no cost, even if they're out of warranty.

  • Hi, I made the same experience with my Notebook now. I disassembled it with the help of the available instructions. Then I removed really a lot of dust from the cooling channel. Now it worked fine for some weeks and the blank screen issue did not show up anymore.

  • i everyone, I am a warranty repair technician for retail establishments., I have seen this problem with various DEll portable computers ( laptops mainly) I am very sorry to say this particular problem has been fixed in so many ways that I have decided there is NO FIX.


    This isssue has been solved by replacing the LCD using what is called a LCD KIT ( comes with screen and connectors to replace the entire visual screen output EXCEPT video adapter)

    Replacing the actual video processor on the motherboard.

    Replacing the entire motherboard ( which actually means the Real problem has not been solved)

    Also by replacing video transfer cable alone, ( In onlly ONE instance ever i have seen this cable (twisted)

    Basiclly there is no standard fix. Which ends up in my Factory Defection pile.

    Related problems have been Battery charging errors.

    ( Batter says xx% left plugged in NOT charging.)

    This is fixed in many ways aswell.

    Uninstall adapter drivers, battery notification ( you will be left with one batter driver installed.

    power down. Dislodge battery, (Leave plugged in) turn on hit F-2 In first screen prat way down the charging unit SHOLD be listed the error is ( Unidentified adaptor) if that apears the BIOS is not recognising the unit.

    solution update bios.

    If still doesnt , try NEW adapter, new battery, which all of this in more than 45% do NOT solve that issue.

    I found that these two problems ARE related as the solution in  both cases, New Motherboard. Which is not really a fix in many ways. The fix would be to have A FIX for the problems not a harware swap.

    Hope this helps some confusion, sorry if it reads bad I am a tech lol I don't do much posting or paper work :p

  • Mine is also Dell Inspiron 1564  intel i5 Core with the exact same problem...please help...

  • Will try this...Thanks!    

  • hi all, mine is an inspiron 1564 core i5 win7 home premium pack1, i purchased it from dubai on 2010; i am suffering because of the same problem since january 2012; in my country there is no official dell"s service; i dont know what to do to resolve the problem, plz help by any suggestions.

    thanks for you all

  • Hi

    I think it is hardware issue mainly because fault in LED strip design. You need to open your screen by watching this video and adjust the strip a bit...or replace the strip with new one...