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Keyboard stops working after Windows 7 updates are installed


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Keyboard stops working after Windows 7 updates are installed

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This post relates to the Dell Studio Laptop 1555 and two specific updates from Microsoft to Windows 7 64-bit, delivered via the Window Update application and classified as "important" by Microsoft.

When one or both of the following updates are installed and the computer restarted, the keyboard stops responding to inputs. This is not only true within Windows; at boot the keyboard does not respond either, effectively stopping you from entering other boot drives.

Only the keyboard is affected. The mouse pad and the laptop on/off-button are not affected.

The two updates are

  • KB2272691
  • KB982110

According to Microsoft both updates resolves compatibility issues and KB2272691 is able to hard block and soft block applications on the system.

Since the keyboard wasn't working I would imagine that somehow, Microsoft was blocking the keyboard drivers and/or the QuckSet application from Dell.

Anyway Dell, you have now been notified of the problem.

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  • also happens on studio xps1640 - pls help

  • By the way I resolved this problem by using the System Restore-functionality in Windows 7. Thank God for the On Screen Keyboard and the fact the mouse pad wasn't affected.

  • In my case, the problem appears to have been caused by a static electricity build up and unrelated to the Win 7 upgrade.  WIth the help of a Dell Tech Support technician, I resolved my issue as follows:


    1.  Shut down

    2   Remove the AC power adapter

    3.  Remove the battery

    4.  Hold down the power key for 15 seconds

    5.  Reinsert battery and AC adapter

    6.  Power up.


    Who would have thunk it?  :)


  • Hey thanks! After getting off chat with Dell and being told that because I upgraded to Windows 7 (over a year ago)  that I couldn't be helped without paying even though it is still under warranty.

    I did a search and found this page and it worked for me also!


  • I scratched my head for hours ... what caused the onboard keyboard on my studio xps 1640 to suddenly stopped working? Admittedly out of desperation, I eventually tried the battery disconnect solution ... and it worked ! Thanks for leaving the breadcrumb for the rest of us to use. 

  • I just tried the solution above because my Dell Studio 1737 keyboard quit working after a Windows update and lo and behold the keyboard started working! Thanks for the post!