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Help! My Inspiron 1525 won't recognize its adaptor!

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Let me start by saying, I'm not tech saavy, so keep that in mind if you respond! Smile Tonight my Dell Inspiron 1525 decided not to recognize the Dell Adaptor that it came with.  I got a BIOS message saying that I was using non-Dell equipment and that I needed to plug in a Dell adaptor.  After a little research, I discovered that I needed to flash the BIOS.  So I downloaded the appropriate file (thank you, but now my computer is saying that I have to have at least 10% battery to flash the BIOS.  I only have 2%.  The computer has recognized that there is an AC adaptor in, but it will not charge the battery because it thinks the adaptor is not Dell, which it is. 

So my question is: Does anyone know if there is a way to either flash the BIOS with a battery at 2%?  OR Does anyone know how to make BIOS recognize that my charger is a Dell charger? (without the BIOS flash)

Please respond if you know anything that might help! I can't afford to buy a Dell replacement adaptor (especially not when the one I have works just fine)! Thanks!


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  • The BIOS is not the problem - this is a  hardware problem.  Try a new Dell adapter first - if that doesn't solve the problem, then replace the DC power board.


  • I have a problem charging a dell 1525 and the power adapter no being recognized. I have changed the power board, checked the as adapter that is good, uninstalled the acpi   compliant  control method battery and reinstalled it. updated the bios check the battery and still cant get it to charge. Got it to charge once but that didn't last long. I got the battery fully charged but now its down to 70% there has to be some genius out there that hacked dells system to get this to work anybody help me out here