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Inspiron 1545: No boot, no beeps, no screen/backlight but power light, fan, hard drive and dvd drive


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Inspiron 1545: No boot, no beeps, no screen/backlight but power light, fan, hard drive and dvd drive

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Hey Everyone,

I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 running Windows 7 64-bit. It is just over 1 year old which means it is less than 2 weeks out of warranty.

Last week, I went to turn it on out of sleep mode. When I pressed the power button, the power light came on and the fan turned on but the screen did not light up, not even the backlight. When I pressed the power button a second time, the whole laptop powered down again without needing to hold the button for five seconds. I thought it might be stuck from a bad sleep cycle, so I unplugged it and took out the battery, pressed the power button once to clear any stored electricity, and then plugged it back in without battery. Again it would not boot up but after trying 3 or 4 times, *bam*, it just started working again without problem. I could turn it off, boot it up, etc.

Yesterday, sadly, the same thing happened. After a sleep mode, the computer will not boot. This time I followed all the same steps as above without success.

I reseated the memory, as well as testing both modules individually. No change. Even when both sticks were removed, there were no changes.

I removed the hard drive and reseated it, also sadly to no change.

Now, when the power button is pressed, the power light turns on, the fan spins up, the hard drive spins up in its normal way, and the dvd drive blinks. But there is no screen including backlight, no beeps, and nothing else happens.

If I do the diagnostic test of holding the power button down as the laptop is powered on, I get 7 straight beeps without pauses in between or change in length.

I would appreciate any help you could suggest, especially if any of you have run into a similar problem before. Thanks!



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  • I have the exact same problem with my laptop. The EXACT same thing. it is also a Inspiron 1545

    the first time I was able to get it back on..and the 2nd time I had no success.

    I tried all the above methods as well (reseating ram, hard drive etc)

  • i have also the same experience . i start the laptop inspiron 1545 it shows the power light on, fan starts working external keyboard and mouse is also working but screen seems to be total black. but sound is coming so i insert the password it has also accepted it but screen stays black.....

    after tried for 10 times, i got it working correctly.

    any one have the solution regarding this issue?


  • I had a 1525 that was similar to your problems and the LCD panel or backlight was the actual problem.

    If you take a flashlight and shine close to the screen at an angle (so you aren't just seeing the bright reflection) do you see anything?

    If you hook up an external monitor do you see anything on that?

  • I have the same issue with my laptop. It started with a bios issue then one day I turned it on and nothing on the screen. I had power like you have already described. After a friend took it apart and tried some things he found on the internet it worked but the problem returned shortly after that. I have seen so many blogs, yahoo answers and post with the same issue. I see a lot of people commenting on the CMOS battery being it. I thought maybe mother board and or video card. Has anyone actually fixed this problem.

    Also if I replace the motherboard, does it usually have a CMOS battery on the new one

  • We just replaced the motherboard on our and have the exact same problem - before and after motherboard replacement