Inspiron 1545 Power Light Blinking White/Amber


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Inspiron 1545 Power Light Blinking White/Amber

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My laptop is almost 12 months old.  2 weeks ago the power light (on front of case) started blinking -- 1 white, 4 amber, repeated continuously -- when A/C power cord plugged in and battery has a charge.  Same if I unplug A/C power cord and run only on battery. (Bios show battery is "Normal" and icon tray shows battery is fully charged.)  Power light is constant white when I remove battery and power only with A/C cord. I called Dell Tech Support and they told me that this is not a problem with battery and that my laptop is properly functioning.  Blinking light would seem to indicate otherwise.  I would appreciate any insights that anyone might have, in particular if you have encountered this same problem.  Thank you.

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  • Oh WOW - I am searching this forum, just to find another person with the same problem I am having. 4x amber, 1x white continuously. My laptop however is just 14 months old and I no longer have warranty of course. 

    I tried the following:

    Took out memory modules and re-seated them - no change.

    I also upgraded the BIOS to the latest and greatest - no change.

    Next I was going to buy a new battery and the light better go away. Let me know what you have been trying.


  • Sorry that it took so long for me to respond -- I was away for the Labor Day weekend. I use the on-line chat with a service tech to resolve my problem -- after some back and forth with the tech, the tech realized that Dell needed to replace the battery (still under warranty).  I received a new battery within 2 days, plugged it in and recharged, and voila -- no more blinking power light -- now just a constant white.

    I felt that I confirmed that my problem was a faulty battery by removing the battery and running of the power cord, as the power light was constant white this way (and blinking with the battery in).  If you haven't tried your power cord only, I suggest you do so to see if the power light still blinks or not.  if it doesn't blink, I would say the problem is your battery, and would go that route -- but I am not a technician, so I cannot say with certainty that a new battery will fix your problem.

    Good luck.

  • Hello again

    Thank you so much for replying. YES, when I disconnect the battery and only run on A/C power the light stays white.

    So, I will have to get a new battery which is quite expensive as I am no longer under warranty. I hardly ever use it, only to move the laptop from one room to the other. I pretty much use it like a "desktop". I have been putting up with the annoying light for a couple of weeks now, sometimes I disconnect the battery just to get rid of the annoyance, but it has been windy/stormy weather here and we are known to have occasional power outages, so I rather keep it in.

    Anyways, thank you so much for posting your issue and writing back. I appreciate it  Smile

  • My problem is similar. My unit is about a year old.

    Recently, I got a message telling me the battery wasn't charging...don't know whether it's the battery or the adapter.

    Today, the power light began to flash...when the battery is removed, the light goes off...

    Went by Best Busy today...could be battery, adapter, or internal power issue...can't find any answers on Dells site...I've updated all bios, etc...still no resolution.

    Trust me...this is my last Dell!!!!!

    I'm thinking its the battery...but, not going to invest the money in buying one only to have it be something else!

  • My battery charged and held a charge.  However, I realized that there was a problem was still the battery and so I replaced it ...  and now no blinking light.

  • Bought laptop in August inUK. No problems, but last night it only worked on power lead.  All  battery diagostics " healthy" and battery 100% chaged.  Battery blinking 4 ambers one red. Seems as if battery is dead but the system doesn't know it  Hard to believe. No warning. No with battery removed the light is off. .


  • Yes, its indication battery is below par.   Unless you run off battery a lot, don't worry.  I put some black tape over it and ignored it.  The blinking lights used to keep my cats up at night, now they sleep OK. 

  • Thanks for your help.  I never run on just battery, always with the power cord.  It's doing teh blinking with amber 4 blinks / 1 white.  I checked the battery power and it indicates it's at 77%.   I don't know why it's doing this.  Shall I just remove the batter and hope for that it goes out or shall I use black tape like the guy suggested and let it be?


  • I am sometimes a fan of letting blinking lights blink when everything else seems to be ok -- but with electronics that are important to me, like my laptop, I am inclined to figure out and resolve the underlying problem.  I do not know if battery replacement will fix your blinking lights, but id did mine.  Your call.

  •  I did take out the battery and the problem is solved. I never use ‘battery only’ so I won’t miss it.  It’s odd, my battery meter said it was 77% charged but I still got that flipping blinking light.  It is totally amazing to me how a small little light can drive you crazy like a mosquito in a tent.  Hah!

    Thanks for your quick response.


  • LOL i had the same thing, the battery didnt charge any more, i kept using it though, and now its working again! Huh? Confused

  • Do not worry, just store your Laptop battery in the freezer for an hour and then fix it back. It will work as I've checked on two laptops having the same problem. Have a nice day

  • I tried this too, letting the battery discharge and then leaving it in the fridge at 4 degrees C overnight.  The trick didn't work for me.  I very much suspect that the issue with the 4 ambers / 1 white blinking happens when the battery gets overheated over 65 degrees C for a few minutes (say, if you use it to watch a movie on your bed with a blanket restricting the laptop's ventilation system).  This may cause the battery to run a bit warmer than normal, thus triggering the indicator alarm.  In one sense the battery is damaged ("cooked" ?) even though it does its job perfectly, i.e. it charges to 98% and holds its charge as it should.  Throwing away an otherwise perfect battery and paying 130 Euros for a new one just to get rid of this extremely annoying blinking problem is a hell of a dilema....  If this is indeed the cause, Dell could have its laptops warn you when the critical temperature is approached, in time to save your battery...

    This is my 3rd and last Dell laptop....  Their support quite often appears arrogant and clueless..