Curious solution to heat and fan problem with Studio XPS 16


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Curious solution to heat and fan problem with Studio XPS 16

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This month I bought two identical Dell Studio XPS 16 portables for my twin daughters. Previously, I read in forums like these about overheating and fan problems. But I thought Dell would have solved thes issues by now.

I installed the first portable : no problems. Fan was audible when moderatly stressing the machine, but was not annoying.

Then I started on the second one. I immediately noticed a loud heardryer noise when booting the machine. Just a glitch I thought. But the same loud fan noise (on the back, left) started over and over with short interruptions. Even when the machine was not being used. I recognized this behaviour from earlier readings on forums. I started upgrading all available software via the Dell Driver site, including of course the BIOS-upgrade to A.09. No change.

I then installed one of the available tools to measure the temperatures inside the machine (I think it was HWMONITOR). The temperatures were not extremely high on CPU and GPU, but slightly higher than on the other 'normal' portable. All around 50°C, with extremes to 65°C.

After everal hours, I finally solved the fan issue in the most curious manner : I blew in the exhaust on the back (partially hidden by the RGBLED screen) while the machine was running and producing the heardryer noise. This made the fan turn in the opposite direction for a short time. One way or the other, the problem was solved instantly. Temperatures dropped slightly, and most of all : the fan noise was back to normal all the time. Comparable with the other machine.

This is no joke!  I can only guess how this manoeuvre solved the fan issue. Did I blow away a peace of debry ? Did I activate a second fan (of the GPU) that got stuck before ?

Anyone with the same experience ?

Specs:  Dell Studio XPS 16 / RGBLED screen 1920x1080 / 6 Gb RAM / Intel I5 540M 2,53 Ghz / Bluray drive.

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  • There may have been a slight mis-alignment of the fan blade and it was rubbing something. When you blow "air" into a laptop, you can damage the fan by over-spinning, so use some care if you repeat this "fix". As you are under warranty, if this happens again, call for a repair.

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  • OMG! This actually worked for me! I think it blew out some lint, but the fan is noticeably quieter now! Thanks!