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Restore Inspiron 1525 to Vista factory settings from 7


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Restore Inspiron 1525 to Vista factory settings from 7

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Awhile ago I was having a few problems with my Dell Inspiron 1525 so I gave it to a friend (who's a techie) to have a look at. Later that day he gave my laptop back to me right as rain and also told me he'd updated it from Vista to Windows 7, I've since moved and am now getting messages saying the Windows 7 is not genuine. I want to restore my laptop back to its factory settings and back using Vista, but I can't find the option to do so under the F8 options. I've had a look in a few support forums and have found mentions of a recovery file but, being useless with technology, I'm not sure what this is. At any rate, I don't think I have such a file on my laptop. What can I do to get my laptop back to the way is should be?



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  • You will need to load WIndows  manually.

    If you don't have the Vista DVD, start here:

  • Thank you! :)

  • I had the same problem. Windows 7 did not have a license for a second computer. When I loaded Windows 7, Windows Vista remained on the computer. Next, I reinstalled Vista in an attempt to restore the computer to factory settings. It had no effect on Windows 7, so now I have Vista and 7 on the computer. In addition, the Recovery Drive D is almost full, and I can't delete any files from it. I know at some point Windows 7 will stop working. Any ideas on how to restore to factory settings and clean up the recovery drive?




  • OK am not sure if you still have the recovery partition on your system .

    OK go to run (press the start button + r) then type "compmgmt.msc"then click disk management  now check if your local disk has any small partition of 15GIG or less called recovery or OS restore .if it does and is full then your restoration is possible, if not available or empty then you  need a boot -able windows vista DVD that matches the  product key you have under your computer.

  • Installed 7 (trial) and cant get to factory restore.  Its there on the partition.  On opening from D it tells me that I have not got permission!

    Is there no way to start restore directly from D ?  I dont have any software on disc.

    I do have XP/SP2, will the 1525 have any problems with this?  

    Then, can I get rid of D? and use the whole drive.

  • robinsonb46,

    Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

    Dell Factory Image Restore

    The Dellâ„¢ Factory Image Restore tool replaces PC Restore. Access it from the <F8> boot menu rather than using the <CTRL><F11> shortcut.

    If the image becomes corrupt or is not longer present you will then need to format and reinstall Windows manually.

  • OK, thanks for that.

    Have tried F8 with no joy.

    Can I install XP without problems?

  • yes you can if you have it on disk .............all you will need is your licence key and your system drivers for after you have installed

  • thank you

  • thank you

  • thank you

  • yes

  • This is usually a problem with updating Windows OS. Every time you do, the factory settings option will disappear. Best to have a back up of your system restore function so you can put your system back from whence it was.

    Who wouldn't want a piece of something, eh?