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inspiron 1564 recover partition problem


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inspiron 1564 recover partition problem

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I have a DELL inspiron 1564 , two days ago the windows 7 failed to start up, then the start up repair tried to solve the problem and failed

after that I choosed an option from the recovery options named"DELL factory restore" I used it , but after using it the HDD formatted and even the start up repair failed to load and the message "missing bootmgr " appeared. So, I used the window 7 home premium disk to reinstall windows.


i installed the system on C:(OS) which was 228 GB , after installing and working correctly , I found another partition appeared in Computer named "Recovery" and its size was 1.99 GB

Then I used Paragon partition manager to size C: to be 50 GB and it works , also i created another partition D:(Data) , but after that the Recovery partition deleted.

My HDD is as shown in the next image.

 now i want to make a Recovery partition or restore the factory settings

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  • Your recovery partition is gone, and cannot be restored -- so restoring to factory is no longer possible.  It IS possible to make your own image once the system has been configured manually - to do so, you can either use a utility like Ghost or TrueImage, or if you're facile with command line utilities, ImageX.

    I would suggest storing the image file on an EXTERNAL drive - NOT on the internal, since  one of the major reasons you'd need it is in case of drive failure.