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plug or unplug battery?


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plug or unplug battery?

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i am inspiron's 1410 user and my question is :

1.  which one is better ? :

( unplug the battery after it fully charged and use adapter directly to laptop )  or ( keep the battery plugged on the laptop and use adapter and let the battery charged )


2.  recently i found that my laptop battery only works around 60-70 minutes at 100% fully charge. i always follow the instruction to keep the battery last longer but it still at the same. so i plan to have new battery with longer power. may i know what is the best last longer power battery for inspiron 1410. hopefully suitable battery pictures attached. 

thank you for any respond.

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  • If you mostly use AC power it is better to remove the battery and store it in a cool place.

    What battery do you have now?  If it's a 4-cell, that's probably a reasonable runtime,  A larger battery (6- or 9-cell) will run the system proportionally longer, with, of course, added size and weight.