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Can't find touchpad settings


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Can't find touchpad settings

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My computer does not have the touchpad tab in "mouse". I HATE how it clicks all the time when I am typing and moves my cursor. It messes me up all the time. I've had it like this for months and still do the same as when I first got it so I'm not adjusting to it. It takes just the slightest whisper of a touch and it switches things around on me.

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  • What flavor touchpad do you have?

    Try TouchFreeze, a free utility than shuts down the pad when you begin typing. It'a better than the controls in most touchpad drivers.

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  • Make sure Alps Ponting device is selected to startup in Systems configuration. If you don't have it to select go to and download the driver.

    Note knowing the OS system I hope this helps.


  • Sorry I didn't give more info. I have an Inspiron 1545, running vista.


    I don't have the alps pointing device on my startup list, I will go download...

  • Thanks for the info, I'll consider the touchfreeze. Just not sure I want the tapping option at all though. I do not use it.