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Bad Mother Board(s)??

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I purchased my daughter a Dell Inspiron laptop to the tune of $1200 +.  Within a month the mousepad went bad and a week later the laptop won't even turn on.  A tech came to replace the motherboard with a refurbished one but that did not solve the problem.  He said that also must be a bad mother board.  In all my years of owning computers I have never had a mother board go bad and then have the replacement also be bad.  I was not at all happy with the tech bringing a refurbished board to replace my brand new one to begin with.  I'm also being told that all this "down time" is being counted against my warranty on this laptop.  Oh, and the information on the old hard drive?  I'm being told to take the old hard drive out of the bad computer and put it in the new computer when it arrives.  Why am I doing this?  Why is a Dell tech not doing this?

When the new laptop arrives, if it arrives, I will reject the delivery and have it returned.  I am also contacting my credit card company to have my purchase refunded.  I am dissatisfied with the quality of the laptop and lack of tech support/service.  I will never again purchase a Dell laptop and strongly suggest that you think twice prior to purchasing from this company.

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  • Before you do something that you're not entitled to, read the terms of sale you agreed to.  Dell, like ALL computer vendors, has the right to replace warranty failures with refurbished parts - including replacing the system with a refurbished one.  You do not have the right to a refund - and if you hold out for that, you'll simply wind up without a computer.

    The terms of the warranty are stated  here and should have been read BEFORE you made the purchase.  If you choose to buy another vendor's system, I suggest you do that beforehand next time - the terms will be similar if not identical.


  • I take it you work for Dell and will stick by the corporate line.  That's fine.  When a tech shows up to replace a mother board with a bad mother board I have to question the quality control process.  He then said it could be the power supply, which he did not have with him.  He did not even have a multi meter to check the power supply. 

    By the way... I am entilted to cancel the payment through my credit card if I am not satisfied with my purchase.  Dell can take the matter up with my credit card company.  I have a strong feeling who will win that one.

  • No, I don't work for Dell - and you are dead wrong on your rights to "cancel the payment".  You CANNOT do this without authorization from your credit card company - which you MUST obtain in writing.  Doing otherwise is bound to lower your credit rating.

    YOU may feel as you wish - just don't post information others might take as truth, resulting in damage to their credit reports.

    Instead of ranting nonsense here and making false accusations, why not actually READ the document I linked.  THAT is what you agreed to, and it very clearly spells out what Dell's (AND YOUR) rights and responsibilities are?



  • I am not ranting nonsense, it appears that you are the one getting all bent out of shape and ranting.  I merely expressed my opinion and stated my intentions.  As for YOUR knowledge of what MY credit card company's policies are -  YOU are dead wrong.  My credit card company allows me 90-days to dispute a purchase.  I am well within that time-frame and I will utilize that option.  You are correct, I must do it in writing and it must be approved by my credit card company.  I have already discussed this with a representative and faxed purchase and repair documents.  He assures me that it will be approved by close of business today.   

    I merely wanted others to know that they can expect to be without a system in excess of a month, it can be replaced with inferior parts, and that time will come off the warranty period.  No slander, ranting, or exageration... just the facts. 

  • You may indeed have 90 days - however, it's subject to approval IN WRITING.  That is standard policy.

    As to the answer to your question - it's your slant that's resulting in the derogatory "inferior" notation.  It is standard policy for repair to use refurbished parts - for ALL computer manufacturers (and appliance manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, etc.).  As I indicated, you should have read the terms of sale before purchase.  If you're not comfortable with refurbished repair parts, then do not buy any computer equipment - as you will have issues when repair arises with all manufacturers.