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No Win7 Install CD - Now bootmgr corrupted

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Dell Studio XPS 1645.  Win7 Home P - no windows install cd.  recovery partition and install partition instead.

Now missing bootmgr.  Tried to fix with  win7 prof install disk but must have same version.

What next?




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  • I received a Dell Recovery DVD w/my Studio XPS 1645 laptop, which I can use to reinstall my valid licensed copy of Windows 7 Ultimate with.

    Do you have the recovery DVD that was shipped with your laptop?

  • unfortunately no, I'm traveling with the brick.  I do have my acronis disks but all they tell me is that my partitions are there an in good shape.  Anyone know if I can use the dsrfix utility on a win7 mbr?  I don't need to reinstall windows, just fix the mbr.




  • The DSRFIX tool was designed by Dan Goodell specifically to repair the PC Restore feature of Dell computers that were delivered with Windows XP.  You can look at Mr. Goodell's page to see if he has added a feature, but the last time I looked it could do nothing for Vista or Windows 7.

    Microsoft's advice on this is here:  Microsoft KB 927392.  You will note that it requires the installation media to reach the recovery console.  If you don't have that you will need to speak to Dell Tech Support and explain why you require the DVD.  Or, you can also try this form if you are a U.S. resident:  Dell Replacement Disk.

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