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Sometimes display doesn't come on

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I'm new to computers & got my Inspiron 1545 just last month. Please excuse my lack of computer knowledge.Twice, when I turned on the computer from "off" mode it seemed to boot up ok but at the point when my display should have come on all I got was a grey screen.I waited & waited but no display.I then held in the power button to force a shut down followed by a restart after which all was ok-my display came on as it should.The same thing happened once when I opened the lid from "sleep" mode ,after having turned it on earlier that day.I've scanned with Mcafee,installed Windows' Malicious Software Removal Tool and run the Dell check-up.All detected nothing wrong.What's going on?Is my new computer defective or do they all have these incidents periodically? Is there anything I can do? Please help this computer "newbie."                                

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  • Because this is a new computer, you should contact Dell Support if this happens again to make sure the computer is working properly. The screen should have come on when you booted the computer when it was Off. However, when it was sleeping and you opened the lid that behavior is normal if it was in Hybrid Sleep. The Power Options are different in Windows 7. Win 7 has Hybrid Sleep and Hibernation that require a brief push of the hardware power button to wake--open lid and press the button briefly. Read the Windows Help file about Power Settings for more help.