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Studio 1558 BIOS Recovery


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Studio 1558 BIOS Recovery

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Hello and sorry for my english

Yesterday i tried upgrade bios in my dell studio 1558, from version A05 to A06. I downloaded right file, extracted it, and run. It started without problems, but in the middle of programming 57 block from 83, Windows(7 x86_64) hanged and didin't react to keyboard or mouse, after one hour waiting and looking in frozen screen I deciced to remove battery and unplug AC. When I plugin AC and power on my laptop, dvd-rom starts, hdd spins, but lcd are black (backlight not turning on).

I know that this situation is bad, very bad and probably I must call to service and they send a man with new motherboard (I bought laptop 1.5 month ago :/).


Today I'm googling and I was found few pages where was written something about bios recovery in dell laptops. One page is at(on??) this forum:

I want ask, is it safety and works?

Someone wrote that it helped him with 1557... and maybe help me with 1558.

My Studio 1558 has: i5 430m, ddr3 4GB, ati 5470, phoenix bios

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  • IT WORKS my dell BACK TO LIFE, i'm happy, veeeery happy

    this is shortcut version of topic on(at??) this forum

    Only what i did was download bios archive, extract it, then run 1558_A06.exe file, from temp dir i copied BIOS1.WPH, renemed it do BIOS.WPH, then i used program from link in topic, copied to dir with it my wph file, then run as admin file WINCRIS.EXE. It format my usb-drive. Boot from it my dell, wait few seconds, and works, works :D


    P.S. sorry for the chaotic writing, but I'm excited that it was successful and works and do not have to notify the service :)

  • After a lot of research I have found a method that allows you to downgrade BIOS without requiring any MS-DOS. I want to thank Racer25X who had posted this on the net dated August 11, 2009, time 09:03 PM. I have a Dell Studio 1558 i720 quad core and I had updated the BIOS from A05 to A06. The upgrade did not go well and my laptop froze. I had to take the battery out and unplug the power cord and then reinstate the battery etc. I also felt that the A06 was not working as good as A05 as the temperature of the CPU with A06 remained higher compared to A05. I also observed the GPU was working more with A05 than with A06. Therefore, I started researching how to downgrade to A05.

    I would like to tell you that I have successfully downgraded to A05. Here is the process.

    1. Run the BIOS file that you want to downgrade to. If you want to come down from A06 to A05 run the A05 file

    2. Once you get the error message saying that "you can't downgrade" IGNORE it  i.e. DON'T PRESS THE "OK" BUTTON

    3. Open the windows explorer and go to the directory where WINPHLASH temporarily stores the BIOS files

    4. Copy all the files to a new location, for example I copied them in C:\BIOS

    5. Click the "OK" prompt and let it disappear. Make note of the BIOS file WinPhlash is asking. You will need the name of the file when you reach step 11.

    6. Go back to the C:\BIOS folder or the folder where you copied and saved the files

    7. Open the file that says "phlash" not the text file but the file that has the "configuration settings" related to "phlash"


    9. Save the changes

    10. From the save directroy C:\BIOS run the file WinPhlash.exe (as an ADMINISTRATOR)

    11. The program will ask you where the BIOS file is stored. Browse to C:\BIOS and select the appropriate file (see Step 5)

    12. Open the "Advanced Settings" box and in the tab labelled "Flags" uncheck "Flash only if BIOS version is newer than system"

    13. Click OK on the WinPhlash program. Before doing that makesure that the program is pointing to the BIOS file as mentioned in step 5.

    All the best.

  • Hi tried this procedure on my dell 1558, all seemed to be ok, lights flashing, notebook shuts down...but doesn't turn on again. It doesn't turn on even pushing poweron button.

    Does anyone has an idea? Flashing seems ok.

  • Hi,

    Suggest take out the battery, reinsert it and then try to turn it on.

  • Already done, but without success.... my laptop is now returned to dell service....

    Looks strange I'm the only one that can't solve this problem using these procedure.

  • sir, you are a life saver !!! If it weren't for this thread my brand new studio 1558 could've turned into one big shiny glossy paper weight!

    I created an account just to tell you thanks alot for sharing, this method brought my laptop back to life .

    also some notes for other people with the same problem:  the file WINCRIS.exe (from download link) didn't work for me on my Win 7 64-bit but it did work fine on win XP 32-bit. & there is NO NEED to press any keys when you put the flash disk in the dead laptop, it just worked automatically and the computer restarted by itself.

  • Thanks for the kind words. Glad I could be of assistance.

  • Momuskk many, many Thanks! It works also for my Dell 1558! Your addition notes were very helpfull. Some details for less advanced users: First run the downloaded R271030.exe. It will give 3 files. Running 1558_A06.exe create the directory WinPhlash in the Temp directory. If you do not know the Temp Directory, start CMD en type: Set Temp. Read also the comments of Solid0Snake, for me WINCRIS.exe will run on Windows 7 32-bit. In my case after a few minutes the computer shut down (no restart). Remove the USB disk and power-on.

    It's unbelievable that the bios update program of Dell is not Windows 7 64-bit compatible.


  • Hello! It has been long time ago, but I need help. I have a Dell Studio 1558. It has some problem with display driver and I try to downgrade the BIOS, because I hope that It will sort the problem. I didn't understand everything in your post. Can you explain me more in detayls (specially point 5 and 11), please? Thank you in advance!