Inspiron 1720 Motherboard Issues: Sporadic Reboots and LED light on charger turns off when plug into laptop/no power


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Inspiron 1720 Motherboard Issues: Sporadic Reboots and LED light on charger turns off when plug into laptop/no power

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I've been doing some research on Inspiron 1720 laptops and there appear to be numerous issues/unresolved complaints. Here are a few links related to these matters, among many other issues:

It seems that many Inspiron 1720 laptops have been placed with faulty motherboards from day 1. In my case, I had several Dell technicians examine my computer thinking it was a software issue causing random reboots and recently shortages (LED light shuts off on adapter) when I place the adapter plug-in into my laptop. I even had a Dell technician send me a new dvd drive thinking it was a hardware issue.  This did not resolve the problem either. By the time I went through countless hours trying to resolve the issue my warranty expired. Now Dell wants to charge nearly $500 for a pre-existing issue I've had since I first received my Inspiron 1720.

I just can't comprehend why Dell support did not request me to send my computer in for a faulty motherboard while I was still covered under warranty? By the way, the laptop is only 2 and a half years old. For the price we pay for Inspiron 1720 laptops, there should not be so many malfunctions.

If anybody else has had similiar instances in regards to their Inspiron 1720, please post your case.

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  • just wanted to reply to your post and acknowledge similar issue with my laptop also a 1720.  set it to defrag HDD over night and when returned next morning the unit was completely dead... power adapter lights until connected to laptop... at which point it blinks and goes dark... although battery is fully charged, it too does nothing when power button is pushed.

    thanks for your post and alternate sources... unfortunately for me my laptop is out of warranty and just over two yrs old. Will most likely have two choices... Replace the motherboard or the whole laptop. I consider the issue a black mark on the name of reliable Dell laptops. Wish I had done the research on this model before investing in Dell's Reputation. Will be a much more cautious consumer in future... one more 'trustworthy manufacturer' bites the dust!

  • My 1720 has just failed - it cannot boot up despite power, battery being ok.  Took it to a repair shop my  work uses regularly and they have diagnosed motherboard failure - and a $450 bill  to repair.  They say it is a design fault as they have had many in with the same issue - one customer has replaced his 3 times in 3 years.

    Very disappointed as Dell's reputation was good.  Unless they will strike a deal with me for a new machine then I will go to another brand.  Maybe they want to be like apple - problems, what problems?

  • You may think you're getting something different - but bear in mind that over 3/4 of all notebooks are made by just two manufacturers.  The other 25% are made by four other companies.


    Translation:  your next notebook may have a different name on the outside, but be the same inside -- i.e., you may trade your problem Chevy for a Buick. 


  • I've recently encountered the same problem - computer went dead and the LED on the power supply goes out when you plug it into the laptop. I ordered a replacement motherboard from DELL for just over $200 but they sent me the wrong one ie the one with the integrated graphics chip. They agreed to refund the price but when I tried to get the motherboard with  the connector for the graphics card they wanted almost $500 with taxes and shipping - half the price of a new laptop. Doesnt make any sense given it is almost the same motherboard they sent me for just over $200 (with no intergrated graphics) and people seem to be having the same problem with the power on the motherboard. I've got 3 DELL laptops but I'm thinking there will not be a number 4 in my future.


  • I would be happy to purchase a refurbished motherboard from DELL, the 1720 motherboard from them is just over $200, but they want over $400 (not counting tax and shipping) for the motherboard without the intergrated chip i.e. the one that accepts the NVidia adapter - no way I'm paying that (the $400+) to keep an old outdated laptop running. I felt like they were trying to rip me off with a quote of $400+ when it is so outdated and probably refurbished anyway - they asked me if I was a certified tech and suggested they would refurbish the whole laptop for $400+ (why not just sell me the motherboard for $200+ then and let me do it myself!).

  • I have the exact same problem as the rest of you.I can't even get mine to boot up! Anytime i touch a key on the laptop it automatically shuts down! Have to use a separate keyboard for the lap top.Now i can't even get it to stay powered up without shutting down at the start! anyone know what i can do to fix this!!

  • Have a friend looking at my son's 1720 with a similar, though more localized problem.  When upper right area above keyboard is pushed, the laptop powers off instantly.  Took off part of cover and pressed on various areas.  In this case, the shutdown occurs when you press on the cable to the display.  Something in the connector or in the motherboard is shorting out.

  • same with me bought my laptop in october, the first MB failure happend 3 months later. I am under warrantee, and after a long involved process of phone help and taking my laptop peripherals out , swapping memory slots etc.. they concluded it was the motherboard and sent out a tech (i paid for onsite etc) he said he had the exact problem a week prior but tech support still acted like it was an uncommon problem and in that customers case insisted it was a "software problem". He came with a replacement board but noticed it was not the correct model (missing the advanced video chip) so after nine days I got a new board when another tech brought it. last week my replacement went dead. Thats two motherboards in the span of several months. I treat this thing with kid gloves. it rarely leaves my desk and i NEVER travel with it. in other words it is not abused in any way. Dell needs to be more upfront about this. and make those of us who have had previous experiences not have to jump through so many hoops.

  • I found that pressing down just below the upper left corner makes my Inspiron 1720 able to start and run.  As soon as I let go it shuts off.  Using a Vicegrip pliers for the moment to keep it on.  When I took the computer apart the only thing under that area is the copper heat sink surrounding the cooling fan;  no circuits or anything in the area.

  • I found that pressing down just below the upper left corner makes my Inspiron 1720 able to start and run.  As soon as I let go it shuts off.  Using a Vicegrip pliers for the moment to keep it on.  When I took the computer apart the only thing under that area is the copper heat sink surrounding the cooling fan;  no circuits or anything in the area.