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Latitude E6400 without dell ware

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I just got a new Dell E6400 from work and after only two weeks with it, i'm terribly disappointed with it.  I traded in a 6 year old IBM T41 Thinkpad which ran perfectly, for this hunk of junk.  The E6400 came with Win 7 Pro installed and a ton of Dell ware.  The machine take a long time to boot up, takes minutes to shutdown.  Minutes to wakeup from sleep and if I close the lid while its running, eventually it shuts itself off and never comes alive again.  I have disabled all the options for the machine to go to sleep if the lid is closed.  Another thing I don't like about it is the track pad.  I've tried everything to get the Alps trackpad to work better, but it stinks.  The Thinkpad had a Synaptics pad which was a pleasure to use.

Ok, now my latest problem.  I had waken the machine up from sleeping overnight and it was consuming over 3.5 gigs of RAM and there was NOTHING running on my taskbar.  I opened up the task manager and selected to view all process and there were a ton of processing running, but nothing I could identify as chewing all my memory up.  There were quite a few svchosts and a ton of dell crap ware running.  

My question is, will this laptop run ok if I wipe it clean and put a new install of Win 7 on it and not install the dell control panel software?  I have two other laptops at home, both far cheaper than this dell and they run Win7 1000 times better than the dell.  I can only attribute my problems to either crappy hardware or Dell software.  

Anyone have luck installing their own Win 7 and leaving off the dell ware?



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  • Not sure if you ever resolved this, but I got an E6400 a few months ago and except for the Alps trackpad driver being terrible, I haven't had any of the problems you describe. I did remove some of the Dell software, but some is still there. The machine is fast and responsive.

    That being said, I typically do like to wipe my machine and start over, but am reluctant to with this one. So many devices in it, and so many version of drivers, I'm not sure where to start to be sure I have everything I need after a wipe.

    Did you end up doing it?

  •  Late reply, but I guess it's better than never.

    Yes, I did wipe it clean. I installed a copy of Win 7 Ultimate and it worked ok until I started adding some of the Dell drivers back on. I finally ran into the same problems that I had initially, with the factory install. After a lot of troubleshooting, I tracked the problem down to one of the wireless tools that came with the driver. I removed it and many of my boot/sleep/shutdown problems went away.

    The machine is still not a very good laptop, mostly due to the poor touchpad, I have 3 other laptops in my house some pretty cheap in the $300 range and they all have far superior Synaptics touch pads and are much nicer to use. The E6400 is terrible when using the keyboard and the touchpad. When typing the mouse will randomly jump around and cause the program to loose focus and I'm 100% sure I'm not touching the pad or touch point on accident.

    99% of the time I use this machine now, it is docked. with a real keyboard, mouse and nice monitor.

    Still disappointed.

  • Just as an FYI - Dell finally put out an updated driver for the touchpad, and so far, after 2 days use, all the issues I was having are gone. It's responsive, fluid, doesn't freeze up or perform with "jaggedness." Now, I'm finally pleased with this laptop, over a year after buying it. Check out the new driver in Driver Downloads...

  • Thanks for your reply, I'll give the new one a try.

    It just so happened that my E6400 disappointed me again.  After taking an Automatic Windows update, the machine blue screened and did not boot again.  Would not boot from any device.  Diagnostic tools showed bad RAM, other indicators pointed to bad mobo.  Dell came the next day and replaced both, machine still did not work correctly,  wiped drive and now installing Windows for the 3rd time.  This laptop sits in it's dock 99% of the time now, because the track pad and keyboard both suck and yet it still fails me.  Just over a year and a few months old and so many problems.

  • One final update to my E6400 travesty.  

    After the first motherboard replacement in the laptop, none of the docking functions worked anymore.  After 3 attempts to fix it, including shipping it back to dell, the dock never worked again.  

    Being only a year and a half old, Dell eventually replaced the laptop with a E6420 and it is superb compared to the E6400.  Nice keyboard, no trackpad problems, mouse pointer does not jump around, no sleep problems, fantastic so far.  The only problem I've run into so far is the screen saver does not work while docked, I can live with it...