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Unable to start the bluetooth stack service


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Unable to start the bluetooth stack service

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I've got a Studio XPS 1645 running Windows 7 (64-bit) and my bluetooth radio won't detect any devices.  Everytime I start my computer I get an error that says "Unable to start the bluetooth stack service".  I've uninstalled every bluetooth device I could find in my device manager and reinstalled with the latest drivers from the Dell website, but nothing has changed.  I called Dell support and was told that the problem was related to software (for which I do not have support coverage) and that I should do a Google search for a Toshiba patch that might fix the problem, but I couldn't find anything online.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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  • I to have been having the same problem, this being on my new studio 1745. It has only happend recently and i noticed no problems before. I still retain all functionality of the bluetooth, up until sending or recieving files (which I presume is what the stack does, kind of like a cache for the bluetooth files) in which then there is no functionality.

    This problem and a few others need to be fixed Dell! When i spend near to £900's on a laptop I sure would expect it to work, don't you think? This is my second laptop from Dell and the first one i had no problems with at all, superb machine (vostro 1510) and this laptop is awsome but there are still flaws! (bluetooth, audio and the occasional mis-boot).

    Dell you should not need to rely on Toshiba drivers to fix a DELL problem, so come on, sort it out and treat your customers with some decency and work out you problems, if it dont work, dont sell it. Don't the large companies do extensive product testing anymore, for example like the iPhone 4 and its signal issues.


    Good company and good products but the support? Not good enough.



    'Bump' lol

  • I'm having the same problem.  I have a Studio 1555 64 bit running Window 7.  I use a bluetooth mouse and never had an issue for the last year. 

    Now all of a sudden wham, I'm getting the Bluetooth stack error at every boot up.  But my mouse still works??  I can't locate a way to fix it and my support contract ended last month. 

    I can't find any thing about it in the knowledge database.  Has anyone been able to talk to support and resolve this flaw?  I have updates automatically installing so I believe it might be from a windows update.

  • This problem must be widespread. I get the "bttray unable to start bluetooth stack service" each time I start up.  I have a month old Dell Precision M4500 laptop that cost nearly $5000. Dell needs to get this problem fixed  right away.

    Is there any solution to this at all?

  • I own an Alienware 17X and the same thing is happening to it. I don't think it is related to any particular computer, but to the bluetooth software or device that Dell is offering. I notice that when I re-install the bluetooth drivers/software the problem disappears until update something else, like to Dell's BIOS or OSD software.

  • I've tried a clean uninstall/reinstall of the Bluetooth drivers and software. It seems to last about an hour or 2, then the same error message starts. I think the Dell Bluetooth drivers and possibly the Bluetooth card are faulty. So far, Dell Tech Support has not been helpful. They have no updated drivers to work with, so there is not much they can do. I sure wish Dell would fix this problem!

  • Voodoo2, do you run the  the drivers/software installation as an adminstrator (i.e., actually selecting the "Run As Administrator" option of Windows? When I do it like that, the problem disappears for good, until of course. I do an update of the BIOS, the OSD software, or any other Dell-supplied drivers/software that appear for my Alienware on Dell's driver downloads website. In contrast, when I don't run the installation using the option above, my Alienware is Ok for about a day or two, then after that the proble resurfaces without my doing any other installation of drivers.

  • Yes, I always run installs as an Administrator.  It is interesting that the problem of the BT Tray, Unable To Start Bluetooth Stack Service is reduced in frequency, but still comes back even when doing the install as you say.  But, I'm not convinced that the intermittancy of the problem is related to the running the install as an Administrator.   It doesn't add up that further installs of Dell specific software should affect the Bluetooth driver installation. 

    Rather, it is my opinion that the the Bluetooth driver itself which is supplied by Dell is inherently faulty and is in need of immediate upgrading.  It also seems to be a problem that is specific to Windows 7 64 bit, although I have found references to it for other versions of windows. Alternatively, it might be that the Bluetooth cards themselves are defective, or the card AND the driver are bad.

    In any case, Dell needs to provide a resolution for this issue.  Uninstalling and reinstalling the same defective drivers and/or card is not helpful. Neither is offering to send a reimaged hard disk (which they did with me..of course I declined). 

  • I agree!

  • Well, at this point the only solution is to just uninstall all Bluetooth software and leave it uninstalled, or to left click the Bluetooth icon in the task tray and turn off the Bluetooth adapter.

    While it stops the error message, this is not a real solution, especially on a brand new laptop that cost several thousand dollar.  As I reported my problem within the 21 day period, I may just send my laptop back for a refund.

  • I too am having this problem, my computer is an older on. An Inspiron 1525, it has worked fine for about 3 years and all of a sudden starting getting this message whenever I turn it on. I've tried updating the drivers but nothing seems to work.

  • Hi,

    1) Disable bluethooth stack service from system configuration. Start< Run<msconfig.exe<Services<check on hide all microsoft services< disable the bluethooth service

    Go to Startup tab< disable bluetooth service from startup also< OK restart

    OR if still dosent fix

    2)  Look for the make and model of your bluetooth adapter if external adapter and Reinstall the wireless drivers for the make of your Dell Computer.

    Reinstalling the drivers will definately fix this.

    Ryan McCarthy

    Certified Techniciam


  • Thanks Ryan - it worked for me - Latitude E6410 Win 7 64 bit

  • I should say it was (1) msconfig.exe which did the job - (2) reinstalling the drivers previously had not fixed it.

    Thanks again

  • Step (1)

  • I followed (1), also, and I did not get the warning when I started up my computer. But is this because the problem is fixed, or because I disabled my Bluetooth? Do I go back now and re-enable it?