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I am having troubles with the's on almost all the times...and it is quite anoying...

I have another older laptop which is totally silent and this new Dell 1564 bought 3 days ago makes much more noise...

I've read many topics with the same problem.

When will Dell fix this issue which seems to be BIOS related?



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  • I've the same problem.

    My CPU's (Core i5 430@1.2GHz) temp. in idle 47-49 °C and the fan is running at 3200RPM (very noisy) w/o using any programs. If I use some apps (ex. Word, Excel, Opera, FireFox) CPU's temp raises to 50-55°C and the fan is spinning up to 4000RPM and unbearably noisy. This is abnormal!!

    My fan is always works. I think this function cannot be expected. This is an $1000+ machine.

    Please DELL fix this horrible faulty fan control!!

  • Hi

    Same problem here... very annoying





  • yes same problem as well the fan goes on off, on of,f on off, only had it 4 days but was fine untill today

  • I had a 1564 with i3 CPU and here is the output from dmidecode on linux.

    My fan keeps working all the time.

    Does anything change with the new BIOS versions? As you can see mine is A05

    BIOS Information
            Vendor: Dell Inc.
            Version: A05
            Release Date: 02/09/2010
            Address: 0xE2C30
            Runtime Size: 119760 bytes
            ROM Size: 2048 kB

  • I've upgraded my BIOS to A11 and still nothing changes.

    Why DELL is not helping us?

  • i have dell inspiron 1564 core i3 and have the same problem plz anybody help

  • I have purchased two desktops and two laptops from Dell...The 1564 is the first computer that I have had "major" Issues with and it has to do with the fan not working...After reading the posts above I have determined two things. One, A whole lot of people are suffering from the very same deficiency as I am, <ADMIN NOTE: Substitute character removed as per terms of use > fan will not keep the unit cool and two; Dell doesn't give a <ADMIN NOTE: Substitute character removed as per terms of use > I mean come on, If they did, One would think that the company would have responded publicly to at least one of these complaints! Thanks Dell for your continuing support and professionalism in return for my years and years of patronage!