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Green light goes out on AC adaptor when I plug it in, battery does not charge, Laptop does not sense that it is plugged in.

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Here's the whole story. The AC adaptor went bad and the battery emptied out. So I get a new AC adapter. When I plug it in to the laptop, the light on it goes out and the laptop does not see that the AC adapter is connected. So I was thinking it was a bad battery. I got a new battery and the same thing happens. It will boot up and run on the new battery. It doesn't run on the AC adapter. When I plug it in, nothing happens on the Laptop. And the light still goes out on the adaptor.
The only thing I can think of this being here it that something may have gone bad in the connector on the laptop. I have a good battery and a good adapter, both work fine on another laptop.
The Laptop is a Dell Inspiron 1420. If anyone can give me some advice here, I'd really appreciate it.
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  • You'll need to replace the mainboard - when the LED on the adapter dies on connection to the system, the mainboard is faulty.


  • But it runs just fine off the battery.

    Could it be something as simple as replacing the connector?

  • It could be - depends on the system and would require a professional evaluation to tell for sure.

    Replacing the jack will run $150-200 to have it done correctly.


  • I was going to do it myself.

    I've got the laptop stripped down and the solder joints on the connector look pretty ugly. Like something that would have never passed QC at the factory I used to work for.