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Vostro 3500 Fan Noise


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Vostro 3500 Fan Noise

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Configuration: Vostro 3500, i520, 6GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Win7 x64 - all drivers installed (support download site).

Problem: Even when only surfing the Web, the fan is permanently on and audible (I also have a M4300 with a T7700 CPU, where even under high load the fan was quieter than on this Vostro under minimal to no load). Anyone else also experiencing this?


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  • After a few tests, I warn you: Setting the fan speed to a sensible noise level will heat up the laptop until shutdown (just below 100 Degrees!), even under no load.

    My conclusion is that the Vostro 3x series is designed by monkeys and we have to live with it.


    My Message to Dell:




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  • I have had my Vostro 3700 since August 2010 and the same problem persists... Today I decided to contact Dell and they had recommened to do a PSA test

    - With the computer turned off, press and hold down the FN key for about 3 seconds (do not release the FN key) then press the POWER Button and release them both. You should see something about diagnostics or PSA.

    - This will initiate the PSA test. Please take note of any error code that you may receive.

    - The process should last 30-45 mins

    I'm too scared to do this as I don't like messing around with my laptop.

    If anyone is brave enough to do this please report back and note down the error codes.


  • I've done this before. There can't go anything wrong. You just have to choose which tests to perform (choose them all, some or none, you can't choose wrong :-) ).


    Just make sure your laptop has enough power or connect it to the wall.


    My laptop returned no error codes. In my case, the only solution for the fan noise was replacing the motherboard.


    Good luck!

  • Same here. Done that, nothing to be afraid of. No errors, changed motherboard, and situation slightly improved.

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  • I did the PSA test and also an Intel Processor Diagnostic test and only 1 error code came up: 0F00:133C

    So I spoke to Dell and they said the fan and the motherboard needed replacing, so I'm going to have a technician come round on the 03/06/11 to replace them.

    Lets hope this does the job,


  • That's right, but the problem is Dell will replace your hardware to another refurbished parts, it's just happened with me a few days ago. After you make sure that nothing happened you should ask the technician to call the Dell (he knows the special number :) and ask them to send your laptop to the Depot. They will provide free overnight shipping label and will replace and check everything. You'll get your "new" laptop in about 2-3 days back with no problem, good luck guys!

  • I've now had my fan and motherboard replaced and there has been a slight fault... I have now a lower spec graphics card!

    Arggg. RAGE.

    When I got this laptop I had paid extra money for a better graphics card... I had an Nvidia GeForce GT 330M, now I have an Intel Ironlake mobile graphics chipset!

    That's very annoying...

    EDIT: Apparently I had the wrong drivers - so I still my normal graphics card - oops.

  • Up!

    Please Dell fix this problem! I've the same horrible noise here after 7minutes of system start up!

  • Hi, I'm waiting for a motherboard + heatsink + fan replacement. I'll keep you updated about the result. By the way, I've noticed with AIDA64 that the PCH component is running at 70°C or more also with the notebook at idle... Can you give me a feedback about your temperature?


  • Here you may follow my measures: en.community.dell.com/.../19821691.aspx

  • Oh no ! - I had to get rid of my old HP laptop due to a similar problem and I really should have checked before I bought 2 vostros - it is only the 3700 which is causing the problems - my 3350 seems OK so far. The HP issue went crazy and ended up with a class action which was sucessfull (more for the lawyers tha the people)

    nvidiasettlement.com is the place to look.

    Took years to get there though - by then most people had just thrown them away. Basically once it overheats and the sink comes away from processor, it is going to get worse and then the graphics goes wrong and then nothing.....

  • A follow up to my sad story. Issues started all over again. I won't be buying Dell anytime soon.

  • I have replaced today motherboard (new, not refurbished) in V3300. Now i have something like hybrid. On low battery usage - graphic card is Intel HD but when i change battery usage to higher - graphic card is nVidia. If it will help with overheating, i will write.