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Latitude D630 & Windows 7

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Has anyone out there tried installing Windows 7 Pro on a Latitude D630?

Were you able to locate drivers, etc.  Were there any troubles?

I want to try this on a new hard drive (so I don't trash my working XP) but there don't seem to be any useful links to drivers at DELL.  I have Intel Wifi card, BlueTooth, to consider and I'm wondering if anyone has successfully found good drivers for these.  That's not to mention DVDRW support.



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  • I have Win 7 Ultimate running on one Latitude D630 laptop, upgraded from Vista Business.  Not able to locate drivers, but Win7 seemed to have most of them.  The Win7 video driver is an Intel GM965 Express, v  The latest available for download is v  The win7 Wireless NIC driver is v, 10/1/2008, and the latest available for download is v, dated 11/30/2009.  However, when I attempt to install the latest driver, get the msg "This operating system is not supported.  Setup will exit."

    However... there may very well be a problem with the Video driver, as this laptop continues to blue screen with a Stop 0x1000008e with following parameters:

    BugCheckParameter1  c0000005

    BugCheckParameter2  81f6d687

    BugCheckParameter3  8d37dbec

    BugCheckParameter4  00000000

    See an obvious Access Violation (c0000005), and have seen a few threads where others have had similar crashes (using Vista however), implicating the video drvr or Win32k.sys, (as this trap shows with the 2nd parameter of 81f6d687, within the address range of WIN32K.SYS driver).  The laptop crashes 2 to 3 or more times a day, but can go for more than a week without a crash, probably due to less use of video intensive apps.  The apps shown in Event Viewer all seem to be video/audio related, Adobe AIR and iPod.  The app most commonly running when the crash occurs is Adobe InDesign CS4, but no modules show in Event logs prior to crash.

    Best to you with your upgrade should you choose to.  Hoping Dell will release some soon.

  • I have a D630 w/ 4GB Ram and Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit running - solid!  Drivers were interesting...  Win7 installed most of them by itself without much of an issue..

    Mine has the Nvidia Quadro NVS 135M video  - I pulled the driver from the Nvidia website - works great!

    I pulled the Intel wireless 4965AGN drivers from the Intel website.

    For Bluetooth Wireless 360, I installed R231570 and it worked for BT 2.1 + EDR for both 32 and 64 bit.



    The harder one to find was for the touchpad, but I downloaded R270649 and it worked fine...  



    I also installed the Dell System Software for the E6400 which applied 6 MS hotfixes to correct Win 7 issues I had not yet run into, but some were DVDRW related.


    Again, this system has been solid for over 2 months now, and I love it over XP Pro and Vista Ultimate!  Win 7 is the way to go.

    Good Luck...


  • i also bought a second hand d630. It ran on a linux mint with no problem but as i was not used to operate on linux, i installed a windows 7 64bit. It runs fine but i can not use the wifi because after 30 seconds of using wifi, bluescreen apears and the notebook is turned off. I tried to install the driver for the intell wifi divice from the dell official site but it performs just the same. Can anybody send me any suggestion?



    Intel Intel(R) PRO/Wireless Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN, v. (TIC146561), A05

    Should be installed as Administrator in Windows VISTA SP2 compatibility mode.

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  • I found some drivers that work most of the time on dell(s) laptops and desktops! Here is the sight, just don't use the automated software provided or you will have to pay.