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Factory Restore not working for Inspiron 1545


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Factory Restore not working for Inspiron 1545

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I have an Inspiron 1545 laptop running on Windows 7, and I need to do a factory restore.

It'll launch Startup Repair, but it won't run it.

ctrl+f11 doesn't work. It doesn't work with the right side, either. I've even tried the different combos with the fn key...

I've tried safe mode, but it keeps crashing and restarting...

I can't find any factory restore downloads online for this model...

Does ANYONE know how I can factory restore this laptop???

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  • Go HERE then go to page 44 for the procedure

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  • It didn't work... I did the F8 advanced options, clicked on Repair Your Computer, and it took me to the same screen as the setup repair option... (a blue screen with green leaves and a little white bird) From there, I can see my mouse and move it around, but nothing else comes up on the screen. Just the background and my mouse