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Dell Studio 15 Won't Power Up/Turn On..........


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Dell Studio 15 Won't Power Up/Turn On..........

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I took delivery of my new Dell Studio 15 laptop on Friday 5th March 2010. The laptop worked without fault for 2 days; the laptop was turned off after use. Since the laptop was turned off at that time, it has not been possible to power up/turn on the laptop; pressing the on/off switch has no effect whatsoever. The battery is fully charged (5 lights); the result is the same whether using either battery power or mains power. The laptop has not been dropped, damaged, held under water, etc, etc, in its 2 days of use.

The laptop is obviously under warranty, and I have contacted Technical Support via e-mail (reply within 1 business day - yeah, right). In the meantime, is there anybody who might know if this is an inherent problem with this model, or if there might be some blindingly obvious quick fix that I might be missing.



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  • Hi Mark,

    This is something I have experienced a few times. I always shut down and never hibernate by habit. I usually unplug the AC adapter, flip the unit upside down, and remove the battery. Then, I re-install the battery again and it powers up for me. Not sure if this resets something in the BIOS that allows the unit to power on or not but I have been doing this with my XPS M1530 and now with my Studio 1557 and it works like a charm.


    1557>i7-720QM>0KM426 (A04)>PM55 (>ATI 4570 (8.692.1)>Flash (

  • Hi David,

    Thanks very much for the reply.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work in this case. I have tried with the battery, without the battery, AC power and battery, AC power alone - nothing seems to work.

    I'll just have to rely on Dell to replace it.

    Thanks again,


  • Hi There,

    Having the same problem with my Dell Studio laptop.

    Did they give you a solution?

  • I had almost the exact same thing happen, except my brand new Dell Studio 1558 only worked for about 6 hours the day I got it, then it wouldn't turn on at all. After wasting a few hours setting it up, I had to send it back (another hour on the phone) and wait several weeks for a new one. Guess what happened to my replacement about 18 months later? Same thing. Won't turn on and the battery and power adapter are good. There is power getting to the motherboard and the switch works. No longer under warranty.

  • Hi Rellidge,

    I recently experienced the same issue and my laptop is no longer under warranty.  I was wondering what steps you took to resolve the issue or if it was ever resolved.  

    Thank You,