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Left mouse button on my Inspiron 1525 popped off


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Left mouse button on my Inspiron 1525 popped off

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I bought this laptop in April 2008, and currently have the Limited Warranty (58 days left).  I also bought my girlfriend the exact same laptop a few months later.  We both use our laptops about the same amount of time.  For about the past 6 months the left mouse button on my laptop has been somewhat loose, and today it just fell off.  Her's is perfectly fine.  I called Dell today to see about getting this fixed, and was told it was not covered under the limited warranty, because it was either accidental damage, or normal wear and tear.  I don't see how it is either.  I've never dropped my laptop, or had any sort of "accident" to cause the mouse button to just pop off.  And how can it be normal wear and tear if my girlfriend has the exact same laptop, and uses it just as much as I use mine, but her button is perfectly fine?  If it was normal wear and tear, wouldn't most left mouse buttons on Inspiron 1525's be falling off after 2 years?  Wouldn't this fall under defects in material and workmanship?  Maybe I just got a weak button. 

Am I completely wrong in thinking that this should fall under my warranty and Dell needs to replace it?  And if not, who can I talk to that will actually have some common sense and get this fixed for me?

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  • Over time, they can wear out.  I have not seen one that the button actually fell off but I have had them stop working.  I just replaced the palmrest assembly and it worked again.  This has happened on a few of the notebooks that I own.  Dell did replace the palmrest one time for me.  Not for the others though.




  • Thanks.  I guess persistence pays off.  Instead of calling this time, I did the online chat.  It lasted about 20 minutes and ended with them sending someone to my house to replace it.  I have always had horrible experiences with the Dell phone support, but great experiences with their chat support. 

  • I'm glad that you got it to work out.

    I have always found the online chat to be FAR superior to calling.  I have had much better luck that way.