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studio 1749 fan noise/temperature problems


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studio 1749 fan noise/temperature problems

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Hey guys,

I've recently received my dell studio 1749 laptop with the following specs,

- i5 CPU 520m

- 4 gigs of RAM

- Intel HD graphics

- 320 gig HD

The problem with this laptop is that the fan will start to whine every few minutes seemly without reason.

I've done some investigation and found out the following:

- there seems be a threshold of 35 to 36 degrees celsius. Once the CPU hits that temperature, the fan will start to cool it down to under 30 degrees

- the idle temperature of the CPU is always creeping up, even without load.  If I leave the computer alone at idle with almost no CPU activity, the temperature will creep up to the threshold...thus triggering fan.

the cycle repeats itself every few minutes.

 I've attached a picture to illustrate the problem.

I've attached a picture to illustrate the problem.

Since this is my first laptop, I want to ask does the CPU temperature stay constant during idle? or does it creep up like mine?

Can the threshold be modified?

Is this normal with the dell studio?

With the fan whining every few minutes, it can get very annoying.

If anyone has this problem/has a fix, please let me know.


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  • Don´t know if you have been around in this forum, but just take a look at the thread with 1747 i7 laptops - I´m not sure but if things going a bit like it went out with our 1747 i7 computers - then you can look forward to at least 7-8 x Bios updates until the problem is solved.. Right now the administrators of this forum seems very occupied by relaxing two "hughe" problems - the one with studio 1747 the other with the xps 16 i7!!!  I´m standing just in front of a return of my laptop - four days until last day for return... My idea was a 1749 with the better graphic card, but now this is the first sign of problems that looks like the ones we have on the 1747 i7...

    Maybe a NON Dell laptop and then a duo core i5 cpu..

    Asus i think



    best rgds Peter


    PS! Take a close look to the 1747 forum - run some of the tests that we use there, see if you better return it - if you find similar problems!!!

    Its always hard to be a ginnypig in the computer buisness - even a guinnypig that pays to do the work!!!



  • welcome at the club! ^^ Thats Dells actual linecard: CPU performs a bit fewer, therefor the fan runs a bit oftener! Stick out tongue Sorry, I couldn´t resist! ^^ It would be very interesting to see how the 1749 works under full load - so just take a look in the 1747 thread, and run the tests like Peter recommended it above!

  • Dear Studio 1749 owner!

    Just shortly!!

    Download a benchmark program named : Prime95 (available many places on ex. google)

    The download the program : Furmark (also available on google)

    Then execute both programs and notice the speed of the processor, the heat on computer and supply and then make a report in here - then hopefully Dell will take action if it shows lack of promisses!!!!



  • @studio17owner_93

    Can you please tell me which graphic card is installed? Because at German Dell webpage they sell it with the ATI HD5730, but several Dell workers tells the customers at phone that there´s only installed a HD5650 and it would be a mistake on the webpage! So thank you for your info!

  • thanks for your replies everyone. 

    AX Turbo, my graphics card is the on-chip Intel GMA HD GPU.  It's new to the i-Series CPUs from Intel. 

    I will try to run additional tests to see how this unit performs under load.  As I am typing this message the fan came on twice....argh!

    looks like this problem is also pre-existing in other dell products (Studio 14, 15, some inspirons and XPS systems).  It's funny how some people experience this problem but yet, some do not......eventhough all systems came off the same assembly line. I wonder why that is....Hmm

    The 1749 has only one bios available (A01).   Not much can be done as far as that's concerned.  Is it possible that there is a "service mode" in dell's bios that we can get access to? Perhaps fan/temp settings can be changed that way?





  • Hi everyone,

    same here... just received my new Studio 1749 with i5 520M and the fan is really annoying.

    If I leave the notebook idle (with no program running), every 2-3 minutes the fan starts for 20-30 seconds and then stops.
    My office is very quiet, so the fan is really disturbing.

    I've tried to update the bios to the A02 version released yesterday but with no success, seems this problem has not been resolved.

    I have another dell laptop, a 2 years old vostro 1700 with a Core2 Duo T7500 (@2.20Ghz).
    The fan is always on but at a very very low speed, so it's absolutely tolerable. The temperature in a normal use is around 50°C.
    Its speed highers only when processor temperature is over 65°C.

    With 1749 the fan starts over 25°C, why?!?!

    The i5 and Core2 Duo have a similar TDP, so why different fan policy?!?

    Dell, please fix the bios for this problem!

    Just out of curiosity, how long did Dell take to fix the same fan problem with other 17xx series?


  • I've got a dell inspiron 1764 with more or less the same specs (3gb mem instead of 4) and exactly the same problem you have!! I've also installed speedfan en noticed that the threshold is even lower on this laptop.. 30 degrees!!!  Just surfing the web causes the fan to make noise for about 80 % of the time and it is loud as well (in idle the fan turns on every 2 minutes or so)!! Sometimes it gets stuck and you have to reboot it to get rid of the annoying noise. Absolutely annoying and i will return this laptop if I don't find a solution.


    As you can see.. 30 degrees is the maximum treshold and the temp keeps creeping up even without load. Got an email from Dell btw.. they are working on an updated BIOS. Let's hope it will be released in the near in the near future  (Probably got some underpaid Asian softwaredevelopers working on their software.. their support center and CD with drivers looks like a mess as well)

  • Yes, fan behaviour sucks. Bios A02: 40 °C and fan begins for 2 min, stops for 30 sec., begins for 2 min. and so on ..... Even under little load it goes up to 100 %.

    Playing a game or doing some work which stresses the CPU, like e.g. Photoshop, without headphones ist impossible.

    Who implements such fan values in Bios? Can't understand it.

    Please Dell, give us a Bios with a "normal" Cooling.

  • update:

    I informed Dell of the problem via telephone support. 

    The technician acknowledged that it was a problem and placed a order for a new unit. 

    the new unit was shipped and finally came.

    Here are my observations:

    - It has a slightly different thermal behavior (the temperature will stay lower for longer but still creeps up during idle) otherwise... pretty much the same as the first unit.

    with the release of the new bios (A03)...the problem still exists.  

    I'm once again disappointed at Dell for not fixing this problem.

    Side by side with my HP Dv9000....the DV9000 is quiet with CPU temp constant at 40 to 42 degrees and GPS at 55 degrees.  If I listen closely, I can hear the dv9000 fan spinning quietly. If you pull your ear 10cm away from the notebook, the noise is not audible.

    Please Dell, you need to fix this problem. We are stick of our notebooks turn into a vacuum every few minutes. 

    I will not be exchanging for yet another unit. I'm expecting this problem with be fixed in the subsequent bios updates.

    Please escalate this issue for problem resolution!


  • Thanks for the update!

    I just updated the bios to A3 version but the problem persists... The fan behaviour is intolerable.

    Really, Dell pls give this issue a high priority!

  • Just received a Studio 1749 yesterday and from scratch i noticed that the fan behaviour was bad.

    Dell needs to adress this issue as fast as possible, the ON/OFF and stuck at highspeed eventhough the laptop is idle fan behaviour is a shame.

    How can something like this even pass preproduction tests Super Angry

    I'm already asking NBR users to come here to whine, same about the french Dell forum i'm on.

    Time to do something and quick.

    Any official statement would be welcome, and no need to say the fan acts like it should because it doesn't. Period.


    Yes, i'm mad. After the DPC latency issue with the M17x, throttling with the i7s... now the fan? Come on...

  • Same problem here (1749 - i5-540m - bios A03).

    Very unnerving fan even when the computer is not used. I also experienced the issue where the fan blows at high speed when cpu and gpu are at 35°C.

    DELL, please actually DO something about it !

  • I have the 1749 with i7 620m.

    The fan behavior is totally unacceptable. It's just ridiculous when I compare with all other notebook computers I have/had (11x).

    I flashed the bios to v.03 without any improvement. The fan is driving me nuts!

    I'm serious considering to send it back and ask a refund.



  • I'm in the same position as Ernstig, right now i have to chose to keep it or get a refund.

    If Dell doesn't tell at least that they are working on a fix, then i will ask for a refund.

    And pleose people, don't think yours will escape this issue... it clearly affects most if not all systems.