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missing driver for mysterious device?


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missing driver for mysterious device?

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Hi all

I seem to have a missing driver on my new laptop a Dell Studio 1745    If I look under Device Manager, Other Devices is showing an! .  Under Other Devices it shows an Unknown Device, this has a downward pointing arrow on it.  I tried update but it seemed unable to find a driver for my mysterious device.

The computer seems to work perfectly well so it is a case of “ if it isn’t broke etc....”

Any help or information on this would be much appreciated.

Many thanks



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  • Perky,


    When you're in the device manager, right click on the other devices and left click properties. What do you see under device description?







    What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

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  • try driver max,it may help to find what the device is&find a driver for it.

  • Hi guys thanks for trying to help.

    If I click on properties of my unknown device I get a General tab with unknown device on it, that is it.  If I click on the unknown device and go to properties I get, under Details, Hardware lds. value ACPI/SMO 8800 and then under that *8800.

    I think I should mention that the device is disabled at the moment.

    Sorry, this is my first Dell and I am still finding my feet with everything,  what is driver Max ?

    Once again thanks for the help.


  • I had a similar problem and using windows update helped me fix this. Look in optional updates. For me it was some sort of infrared device. Hope this helps.

  • The device is some kind of motion detector.

    I didn't have any trouble finding a driver. It was in the list of available drivers for my model when I entered the service tag.

    However, you should be able to find the driver by searching Dell's site for:

    ST Microelectronics DE351DL Motion Sensor

    Hope this helps!!

  • you need this ST Microelectronics DE351DL Motion Sensor

  • This is the free fall sensor that prevents the laptop hard drive from losing data if it senses that it is being dropped.

    Get Driver from Dell here:


  • @dbdwyer that link doesn't work.



    I think I have found the correct link:


  • Hey guys, this was the driver version that worked for me (and apparently a lot of other people). Yes Hope it helps! Smile

  • Use the above web page to download the driver

  • When a Dell or other manufacturer's computer lists unknown devices and Dell or the other manufacturer's automated driver finder won't identify a particular driver or more, I use 'wzdu32.exe' which you can download and run from the link below.  Now this is a program you have to pay for if you want it to update ALL drivers. HOWEVER.when it lists drivers that are missing or need updating you are ALLOWED to download ONE driver FREE.  No cost.  Just scroll down the list of drivers and figure out which one you think your computer needs and proceed.  If you need to run this program to update another driver, you can uninstall the program, reinstall it and you again can run the program and install another driver for no cost.


  • @BFOJ or you could do a search for the device ID listed in Device Manager with no extra software needed

  • Yes, Mike.  That is true.  I elaborated on a possible solution for those that might not be as computer knowledgeable as you and I.  :)