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Spilled juice on my keyboard! 2 Keys not working!


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Spilled juice on my keyboard! 2 Keys not working!

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Hello everyone,

Well basically - the other day I spilled some OJ on the corner of my keyboard (bottom right hand corner where the arrow keys are) and my down and right hand arrow have stopped working.  I play quite a few games so naturally this is a bit of a problem for me!  I've tried taking out the keyboard and whatever and nothing seems to work.  I've pretty much given up.  Could anyone please tell me how much it would cost for me to get a replacement keyboard from Dell?  I've got a Dell XPS M1530 and I would like someone else to install it.  Would I need to send my laptop away or could I drop it off somewhere?



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  • Check e-Bay for a replacement. Keyboards are not expensive. Compare to the cost from Dell. Replacement is not difficult.

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  • Hi,

    There is a link in my signature, "Parts for my Dell", which will take you to the pages where you can price a keyboard replacement.  They're not overly expensive.  You can go to our support site, http://support.Dell.com to view the user manuals for all our models.  Those should have step by step instructions on how to remove / replace the keyboard on your system.