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Force eject for slot load dvd drive (studio 15 1557)

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hi guys,


i  have a problem regarding my slot load dvd drive, sometimes it hang up whenever i insert a DVD with a little scratch. if i press the eject button from the keyboard to forcibly eject the dvd it does'nt come out.i have to wait for very long time or sometimes i need to do a hard reset.. unlike the tray load drive,if i just press the eject button it forcibly eject the dvd. is there any option to forcibly eject my slot load drive?


thanks  in advance



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  • Bump. Same here. DVD inside the machine. How the heck to I make it come out? And yeah, I've tried all the "normal" ways. Am I missing something obvious? Thanks. PS. Mine is a 1558. Glad to see that they sorted this issue Wink