How do I reach Dell Executive Escalation Department? (defective XPS Studio 1645)


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How do I reach Dell Executive Escalation Department? (defective XPS Studio 1645)

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I really need to reach Dell Executive Escalation Department. I do not want to speak with Indian tech support. They are useless and unresponsive - the worst tech support I have ever experienced. I need to speak with someone here in the US who can take care of my XPS Studio 1645, which has a random crash problem and throttling down of the processor under heavy loads.

These are all known design issues with SPS Studio 1645 according to Dell Indian tech support. They offered a replacement system, but no one can tell me how these problems will be addressed, what the new system configuration will be or when I will get a replacement.

In the meantime, I have an unusable system for which I paid close to $2500. I have important projects which require a stable system and are getting delayed because of this problem.

Please advice on how to contact Dell Executive Escalation Team in the US.


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  • From my own experience, the replacement system should be better then what you have now. My XPS M1730 was replaced with a new laptop, not a refurbished one. Since it took me 9 months to convince Dell to replace my laptop, my original configuration was no longer available and current configurations were used. For my laptop they upgraded the processor and the video card.

    I knew I had a lemon the first time around, but my replacement laptop is working as well as I had expected the first time around. I have not had any problems with my replacement laptop.

    It did take about 6 weeks to get it.

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