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My daughter has forgot what her user password is on her laptop


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My daughter has forgot what her user password is on her laptop

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I purchased my 9 year old daughter a pink 1525 and she has figured out how to create a password and mom told her

not to now she cant remember what it is and you turn on the computer and thats as far as you get is her user name and password.

Can I reset the computer back to its factory settings ? There is nothing on it to lose .

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  • It depends on where the password is set.  If it's a Windows password, a system restore to factory will clear the problem.  CTRL-F11 at the Dell screen (XP) or F8 before Windows loads (Vista) will get you in.

    If it's a power on (BIOS) password, that can only be removed by calling Dell, proving ownership, and being issued the system-specific master password.  If the system is in warranty, the call is free.  If it's out of warranty, a standard $50 support call fee applies.



  • Yes that will do it.

    Dell Factory Image Restore
    NOTICE: Using Dell Factory Image Restore
    permanently deletes all data on the hard
    drive and removes any programs or drivers
    installed after you received your computer.
    If possible, back up the data before using
    these options. Use Dell Factory Image
    Restore only if System Restore did not
    resolve your operating system problem.
    NOTE: Dell Factory Image Restore may
    not be available in certain countries or on
    certain computers.
    Use Dell Factory Image Restore only as the
    last method to restore your operating system.
    This option restores your hard drive to the
    operating state it was in when you purchased
    the computer. Any programs or files added
    since you received your computer—including
    data files—are permanently deleted from
    the hard drive. Data files include documents,
    spreadsheets, e-mail messages, digital photos,
    music files, and so on. If possible, back up all
    data before using Dell Factory Image Restore.
    Dell Factory Image Restore
    Turn on the computer.

      1. When the Dell logo appears, press <F8>

      2. several times to access the Vista Advanced
    Boot Options Window.
    NOTE: If you wait too long and the
    operating system logo appears, continue t
    wait until you see the Microsoft
    ® Windows
    desktop; then, shut down your computer
    and try again.

      3. Select   Repair Your Computer.
    The System Recovery Options window appear
    Select a keyboard layout and click

      4.   Next. To access the recovery options, log on as a

      5. local user. To access the command prompt,
    type administrator in the User name
    field, then click OK.


      6.  Dell Factory Image Restore. The Dell
    Factory Image Restore welcome screen
    NOTE: Depending upon your configuration,
    you may need to select Dell Factory Tools,
    then Dell Factory Image Restore.

    Click  7.   Next. The Confirm Data Deletion
    screen appears.
    NOTICE: If you do not want to proceed with
    Factory Image Restore, click Cancel.
    Click the checkbox to confirm that you want 

    8. to continue reformatting the hard drive and
    restoring the system software to the factory
    condition, then click Next.
    The restore process begins and may take
    five or more minutes to complete. A message
    appears when the operating system and
    factory-installed applications have been
    restored to factory condition.
    Click  9.  Finish to reboot the system.



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  • At system recovery it is still asking for her password , I set up a admin password but it wants hers.Super Angry

  • see this link



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  • data will be deleted in system disk if i chose to a factory reset. For user password, you can reset the password quite in a few minutes without losing any data on your computer. Create a bootable USB or DVD disk, change the first boot priority, the select the account. Here is the step by step guide: How to reset password of Dell Laptop

  • The hard drive data yes.  Any CMOS-based power on or admin passwords will not be deleted, though.

  • Check out Password recovery on iSeePassword, it's a program that allows you to reset your windows 8, Vista or XP password without having to reinstall anything! 

    All you do is burn a disc or load up a USB key with their software, and load it on booting up your PC. It will run automatically and allow you to login to Windows by resetting your password! 

  • The above method seems not working on  Dell laptop ,

    First of all , you can reset your dell laptop from password reset disk , but it looks likes you didn't create one , it doesn't matter ,you can set up a password reset disk with USB or CD/DVD , and you don't forget to change first boot device into USB (Reboot dELL laptop and keep pressing "F8" ), in this way  your Dell laptop will be booted from password reset disk (USB) ,

    After the Dell laptop is booted from password reset disk , you can remove the old password and login into the Dell laptop without password ,

    Next you should know what to reset dell laptop login password 

  • The hard drive data yes.