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Problem with DELL XPS M1530, Windows 7 (and Vista) and Creative integrated webcam


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Problem with DELL XPS M1530, Windows 7 (and Vista) and Creative integrated webcam

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Hi all - I did a clean install of Windows 7 on my 1530 a couple of months ago and generally everything works at least as well as it did before under Vista - everything that is except the webcam.

During the Windows 7 install it seems to have picked up a driver (version for the webcam. This "works" but its performance is so poor under Windows 7 that I'm tempted to get a separate webcam and forget using the integrated one. Its function under Vista (both OS used in 32-bit versions) was never what could be termed good what with low frame rates (<10 per sec), poor auto exposure management (always over exposed), significant lag, poor focus.

All these problems seem to be worse under Windows 7. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a unified driver for Creative webcams, with DELL supposedly providing support for the thing, but DELL hasn't updated the driver since 2007.

It is a shame that the webcam doesn't have a supported driver from Creative. At least that way there might be some chance of the thing being fixed and updated regularly.

I'm wondering if there are other people with the same experience. Any things that people have found to improve this camera's performance would be welcome. Is it possible to replace it with a newer integrated camera with more up-to-date drivers? Otherwise is it possible to use any of the Creative drivers for their retail webcams?

Regards - Steven

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  • I have the same driver with Windows 7, but performance is no worse than in Vista - very poor frame rates.

    My daughter got me a Dynex camera which installed OK and gets frame rates of 30 compared to 6 for the built in camera.

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  • I'm not sure if this problem stems from the categorically broken NVidia graphics cards (g84 and g86 series) which were knowingly put into much of the XPS line, or if this problem arises based on the camera itself. The fact is we were sold shoddy parts which are now failing. I hope you're under warranty, update BIOS and get a new graphics card when your laptop starts burning a hole in your pants. As for actual webcam usage, literally any other webcam is fine, the specific cam that is integrated is just plain bad.



    When its time for a replacement, the only question facing me is if I'll be using a table saw or a circular saw to slice M1530 in half so both Dell and NVidia's front windows get what's coming. Watch this get covered up.

  • The built-in webcam hardware is perhaps bad - I don't know - the really annoying thing is there is no support for the driver and this is clearly worse than the hardware as it can be adjusted for slightly better performance. I will not buy a laptop from DELL again which has proprietary drivers supported solely by DELL. They see their job as done even if the quality is so low many people choose to use an alternative webcam, defeating the purpose (and one of my reasons for purchasing) of the built in cam. 

    I found some settings which make the camera work better. In Skype, go to Tools -> Options -> Video Settings then click on webcam settings then select the Video Proc Amp tab. If you use the DELL webcam center go to Tools -> Video Source -> then select the Video Proc Amp tab.

    Once on that tab turn off the automatic white balance and adjust it to a reasonable colour balance for your surroundings - you might have to adjust this manually if you change location and you look particularly green or red under a particular light. Furthermore the back light compensation seems to slow the frame rate as well so I turn this right down. The end result is that you need to select your surrounding a bit more carefully in order to have a decent video stream in a video call i.e. don't sit with the cam facing a window in daylight.

    Still rubbish - the lag is quite pronounced but at least the motion and lip movements are close enough for the other person to feel like they are talking to you. 

    The Nvidia chip is a different problem - that just makes my laptop hot and the fan is running constantly. The mouse pad also seems to have problems and seems to lose touch with your fingers every now and then - really annoying when playing an online game like poker - trust me! I had another problem in that the metal casing of the chassis constantly gave me a buzzing tingling sensation apparently due to the ungrounded power supply which shipped with it. This was replaced for free on request but all in all this is sub standard stuff. I would not recommend DELL as producing high quality products, either soft or hard and despite having had pleasant sales and after sales communications (bought my stuff online but ordered a specific keyboard over the phone then changed the power supply with no problem via email) I will look elsewhere when it comes to replacing this.

  • I had driver issues with my xps M1530 as well.  I basically did the upgrade following these instructions:

    Then my web cam go the "in use by another application" error.  Which then I fixed with these instructions:

    Apparently this is a very popular issue with the built-in creative web cam in the dell xps M1530.  I hope these help!