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Dell Latitude D600 won't charge!


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Dell Latitude D600 won't charge!

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So my brother gave me a Dell Latitude D600 that worked just fine. When he gave i to me I even had it charging and had it hooked up to the AC power. But as soon as I brought it home from his place, it refused to charge. I would connect it and it wouldn't charge. Eventually it got to the point where it just died from lack of power. Any idea on what the problem could be? I doubt it's any hardware because it was working fine and hasn't been dropped or abused.

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  • soooooooooooo anybody have any idea?

  • It's either a bad AC adapter or a bad motherboard.  If it was simply a charging problem, it might be a bad battery as well, but I gather that the machine is not receiving power when plugged in?

  • Go into BIOS setup and check if the AC adapter is list other than "unknown".

    If unknown / not listed most likely the ID chip in the AC adapter has died.

    To know for sure, take the AC adapter to a similar laptop and do the same test.

    If the AC adapter is listed ok there, the ID communication circuitry on the motherboard has died.

    Read about the DELL battery charging system.

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  • Well I just got it a new battery. And unfortunately I can't go into BIOS mode because my laptop is dead. Is it possible for the motherboard and ac connection to break without the laptop being dropped or abused?

  • Unfortunately yes, things can break without any abuse.  If you're lucky, it's the power adapter.  If you're unlucky, it's the computer.  If you have a friend with a compatibile dell, test the power supply and see if it charges their computer (or test their power adapter with your computer).

  • I'm writing this from a new E6500 because I had the same issue with a Latitude D610.  I went through three different AC adapters (two 65W and one 90W), two batteries, trying to charge through a dock, and using the D-bay accessory battery, before being left with what is now pretty much a brick.  My D610 only runs when attached to the dock, and only with the D-bay accessory battery in the drive bay.  It's running mostly from AC power (but won't charge anything), but the battery is needed because sometimes it can't sense the AC adapter and fails over to the battery - but it won't run for long on that before sensing no battery and shutting off.

    All that to say is there are a number of issues that can just go wrong, from no abuse - power adapter circuitry ID failing, motherboard charging circuitry failing, or bad batteries.