I am new tot Dell computers and need some help. I got my Dell a few months back. It has been working wonderfull, but i decided to upgrade it to 4gig ram a week ago. I was very sure the ram was compatible with the computer and it should work. But when i powered on my laptop again it starts but turns off after like 5 seconds with a clicking noice. Sometimes it starts and the lock icon with a 9 in it flashes until i manually restart it (I do not have the manual for the laptop so i dont not know what that icon stands for) Nothing happens on the screen. All the lights work though and i can acces the dvd. I also tried everything like taking tha battery out, removing the hardrive, changing back the the original ram but nothing works. 

Anyone have any idea what i should do? I do not really have the time to send it to Dell. Any ideas would be wonderfull. Thanks alot in advance!