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laptop screen flipped!?


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laptop screen flipped!?

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My child has somehow managed to get a hold of my laptop! Everytime I turn it on the screen is flipped sideways!! The only way I can get ti back to normal view is by pressing the projector button!? Help!!!

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  • Try Crtl+Alt+ (either left, right, up, or down arrow)
    I think it's like that. I tried it right now but it doesn't work with this computer, but it has worked with others.

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  • It didn't work!?

  • :^/ I just tried it myself, and it doen'st work for me, either.  But then, I don't believe that that's a feature for my XPS M1210 anyway.

    In your place, I'd check around your Control Panel's Display settings.  Especially the ones from your graphics card's manufacturer.  If your hardware supports such a feature, the manufacturer will surely have documented how to control it.  And if all else fails, search the Internet for your graphics card's manufacturer's web site, and look for appropriate documentation there.

    ;^) Good luck....