Dell Inspiron 1545 AC Adapter Problem


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Dell Inspiron 1545 AC Adapter Problem

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Okay, so i have had my inspiron 1545 for 4 months now, and have had a problem where the "Battery is plugged in, not charging", I have read from a lot of places that, my adapter has probably gone bad, and can buy a new one at the Dell store. Only... When i go to my local library, my battery charges. Which is really weird. I have computers and game consoles and TV's plugged in at my house, and they all work fine. But my laptop wont charge. Is it just an odd coincidence? Or should i look into buying a new Dell Adapter?

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  • I got the same problem with the ac adapter 4 months after my warranty expired on my Inspiron 1545. Along with a faulty ethernet connector (would not recognize ethernet cables plugged in), Dell diagnosed that I needed to pay $358 for a new motherboard. Rep claimed it was just bad luck and nothing to do with the design of the product. Worst computer experience of my life. Never buying Dell again.

  • I had to replace the motherboard, the monitor and the keyboard twice!  All within less than 18 months of this computer's supposed birth.  I ranted about it on this thread sometime back and they removed my post.  I probably broke the rules and used a word that rhymed with trap.  That said, today my Inspiron 1545 is working fine.  Fingers crossed I get another 6 months of use out of it before I have to get a Mac (as I am done with DELL and PC's).  One positive:  DELL replaced the monitor and keyboard the first time around for free because it was in the first 12 months and the warranty was still in place.  Service on that was excellent.  The motherboard I did myself because the warranty was out, but when I ranted on here about the keyboard going out yet a second time, DELL sent me one for free.  I had to install on my own, but I felt they really came through for me there.  If only I had spoken up before I replaced the motherboard!  Anyhow, service has been pretty good, but something is seriously wrong with these computers breaking down so quickly.

  • Good for you! I think speaking up about the issues of these computers is a must! I purchased my first Dell in 2005 and was very pleased. So, when it was time to upgrade; I didn't think twice about going for another Dell. I chose the Inspiron 1545. Needless to say, this has been one of the worst purchases I have made in my entire life! No exaggeration.

    My computer was made to my specification in May 2009, and when I received my computer the AC adapter was bent. Ii go to school online and needed my computer to charge, so I called to inquire about a replacement; only to be told I would have to purchase a new adapter. That was not going to happen as the computer was new and the cord arrived bent. At any rate, the cord being damaged stressed the hard plastic on the side of my notebook; and a crack formed. I called Dell and was told I would have to send my computer in, and since my notebook was under warranty I had nothing to worry about.

    I sent my computer in for repairs, and received a phone call stating I owed Dell $750 as my motherboard needed to be replaced. I was flabbergasted. I could not believe my ears! $750? For a new computer? I hadn't had the machine 5 months. The fight with Dell continued until I was asked what media I purchased my computer through, and suddenly Dell changed their tune. My computer was replaced and sent back. I ended up with a new system. That was April 2010, but mind you Dell never replaced my adapter.

    December 2010 I had to replace my hard drive as it was failing. As of March 2011 my notebook has been giving me the "Your battery is nearing the end of its usable life, please purchase a new battery by going to" But wait there's notebook has an identical crack in the side where the adapter plugs in. The system has never been dropped, or mishandled yet there is a crack on the side of the screen. Dell states everything will be replaced, but my warranty is up April 14, 2011.

    I have had more issues with this nearly 2 year old notebook, than I have had with my 2005 dinosaur aka "Old Faithful."

    I know I could run into issues with a number of other computer systems, however I feel the Inspiron 1545 was the worst model manufactured by Dell.

  • Turn the light switch on that controls the electric socket... That should do it.

  • The simple solution would be to buy a replacement AC Adapter. A simple Google search will find you a used or brand new replacement. If you have multiple laptops and want just one power adapter to be used on all laptops, you can pick up a universal Dell laptop charger power adapter that has many different power tips to be compatible with different laptop brands / models

  • I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop which is nearly 3 years old. Tonight it showed a screen which told me the battery needed charging and asked me to connect the AC adaptor. I did and the screen is still there. It appears the battery is not charging. The adaptor blue LED light is on and the adaptor feels quite hot. Do I need a new adaptor or a new battery please? 

  • Batteries are only guaranteed for 1 year.  The system should run without any battery when attached to the ac adaptor.

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  • Many thanks. How do I isolate the battery for use without it? Is it easy to remove?

  • I forgot to mention......I still get the same screen message when the adaptor is attached to the laptop and plugged in. THe blue light is on.

  • The same thing has happened to mine! Happended about a year after I got it and now doesn't work unless it's plugged in :'(

    I need to know how to fix this haha!

  • Batteries Die whether used or not.  Non Dell Batteries may refuse to charge.

    Report Unresolved Customer Service Issues here
    I do not work for Dell. I too am a user.
    The forum is primarily user to user, with Dell employees moderating.

  • Hi, i have a problem like that, i have a inspiron 1525, and the battery stop charging, i buy a new ones, I still can not load research, and I've noticed that the blue light that indicates when loading is not on and the new battery is discharging, not now what to do to charge the batteries, the connector works well because the probe and works if I remove the battery, how do I determine where the problem, who can help me???

  • i bought a new adapter other than a dell adapter can i make it charge the battery?????



  • UPDATE:  on the ac adapter/battery issue.

    In January I bought a new ac adapter because my old one wasn't lighting up anymore and not charging my battery.  It is now November of the same year and I just dropped my replacement ac adapter and it is on the frizz.  I have come to the conclusion that ac adapters are really just pretty fragile and should not be banged around or dropped. You should run a laptop on a battery and always keep the ac adapter block in a safe protected place.  The problem really is that my battery now is only getting like 6 minutes of up time so I have been running my laptop exclusively on the ac adapter, hence ac adapter death.  Somehow I think these batteries should last a little longer. (another problem is: the economy is bad, the pharmaceuticals are evil and I am therefore unemployed, i.e.,: low digg land)  Since I am a bit desperate, I dug out two old ac adapters, the original defunct one that went with my Inspiron 1545 and an adapter from an older defunct laptop that was so heavy I only really ever used it as a desktop replacement or a portable but never an actual "lap" top so the adapter from that was still in good condition.  The amps matched and the volts were very close, 20 volts, vs. 19.5 volts, so it scabbed them together and tested for continuity and polarity and then retested before plugging in.  Even though it was rated at 20 volts this adapter tested out at 19.5 volts which is what my Inspiron 1545 called for. The only problem I saw was the newer Dell style was a grounded three wire set up cumulating in a two wire plug and the old thing was two wire all the way.  My computer noticed the difference and warned me it won't charge the battery, and DID NOT, however, warn me that it would hurt my computer and it short, it works! ... after a fashion. . .and it felt oddly powerful beating "the man" there for a moment.  Since my battery is pretty much completely dead anyway I don't mind that it won't charge and my other frizzing adapter still works a little now and then.

    My advice and recommendations from this experience:

    Ac adapters are fragile so don't chinz on the battery and look to running your laptop soley by battery when not charging with the ac adapter in a safe place.. Protect your ac adapter.  You can get upsized 9 cell battery with 7200mamp and a 3 year warranty off ebay for about $30 or a little tiny less with shipping.  Personally I am going for the bigger battery next go round.  6 cell doesn't cut it.  9 cells means a serviceable battery for longer.  Unless you really need to conserve weight, 9 cells is the way to go.

    When choosing an adapter buy one with the right voltage and amps recommended by the manufacturer for your computer.  Don't make the mistake I did and go for the higher amperage even if they recommend it as o.k. for your laptop.  I think the higher amps ate up my old battery early.  Batteries love a low trickle charge.  Lower charges tend to be safer.

    By all means, buy after market, just be careful to get the right ratings.  You may have to take a magnifying glass to the old ac adapter or the back of computer.

    Do complete charge and discharges at least once a month, but don't discharge to low.  Pretty much start charging when you first get the low battery warning.

    Final Notes:

    These day you can get specially programmed reconditioning chargers that renew or prolong the life of old rechargables, not for laptops unfortunately, but for ordinary AA, AAA, C and D's ect.  alkalines, .ni cads, Nickel metal hydrides.  These reconditioning chargers apparently worked on some kind of a pulse charge that shakes off the crust that makes batteries lose function.  Batteries also like trickle charges.  It is true that Lithium ion batteries are different but there are some universal truths about batteries and it is obvious to me that "intelligent" computer directed charging could really prolong the life of batteries and yet they seem to be getting shorter lived instead.


  • Don't waste your time on replacing the adapter. Dell laptops have a problem with their motherboards. The chip which recognizes the adapter dies and the adapter will be refused to be recognized by the unit, causing charging to stop. Once in a blue moon, it will allow a charge, but what good is that? Dell refuses to acknowledge this problem so I am not buying anymore Dell products until they offer a recall and replace the defective motherboards for free, whether under warranty or not.