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Inspiron 1545 Sleep/Hibernate Problem


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Inspiron 1545 Sleep/Hibernate Problem

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Ok so i have had my new Inspiron 1545 almost two weeks now and have had this trouble since i got it, although did not raise the issue as i was awaiting my Windows 7 Upgrade Kit from Dell, which i hoped may fix the problem.

When i cloes the lid of my laptop, usually it does what it should and goes into sleep/hibernate mode, then comes back on to the logon screen when i re-open the lid. The rest of the time however it does not do this, and freezes on the desktop screen, i have tried starting task manager, closing and re-opening the lid, pressing the power button but nothing works so i have to hold the power button to do a full restart. Once it restarts it the displays the black screen with white text stating that windows did not shut down properly etc.

Now i was hoping installing windows 7 may fix it but unfortunately it hasnt. I would understand if this was an old laptop but its brand new and has done it since i first got it which is unacceptable.

Is this a problem dell would need to sort out??



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  • I have had the same problem with our 1545 and it's been from the start. I've had the computer for almost 2 years now (even got the extended support) and Dell has never been able to fix this problem. The system has been reinstalled from scratch a total of 4 times and this problem still occurs. Did you ever get your issue resolved? I see it's been a year for you and there's been no response to this thread.

    I thought of asking if Dell could give me Windows 7 to fix the problem, but I've seen a lot of people that still have the problem with Windows 7 also. I also find this completely unacceptable as it's caused us to improperly shutdown windows most of the time (or leave the computer running constantly) which has degraded the reliability of the system.

    I hope someone involved with Dell is actually reading these forums as I've had absolutely NO help from support for over a year trying to solve this problem. I've lost all faith in purchasing a Dell laptop (and support) again.