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Ricoh R5C833 drivers for Windows 7 on M1330?


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Ricoh R5C833 drivers for Windows 7 on M1330?

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I have installed Windows 7 64bit Home Premium on my XPS 1330 and all seems ok. The only device I am having problems with is the Ricoh R5C833 Card Reader. I installed the Vista 64bit drivers R168331 (A02) and although these seem to install ok when I insert a Sony Memory stick, windows confirms that I need to reformat the card. If I connect another reader I can access the drive ok so it is definitely a problem with the reader.

Can anyone confirm where I can source proper Windows 7 drivers?

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  • Tis ok, I have now sorted this. I completely uninstalled all drivers and Ricoh devices (deleting the drivers) as I went. After rebooted I let Windows scan for hardware changes and it managed to find drivers for the MMC and xSD reader parts on its own. This left just the Sony Memory Stick device that it could not sort out.  I downloaded the SXPS 1645 drivers R234107, which were the most recent Ricoh drivers I could find. I launched device manager and manually installed these drivers by pointing to the drivers folder instead of using the setup.exe file. With all three drivers installed I rebooted and tested and all works ok now.....phew.

    This is a bit of a faff but at least it is a solution.

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