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RE: Dell Inspiron 1545 processor upgrade

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I recently purchased my new Dell laptop. I would like to upgrade my processor because 2.16GHz is not that fast for games ( I realize it's not a gaming laptop). I would like to know what Intel Pentium processors my laptop can take as I am unsure. I want a processor approx. 2.40 - 3.00GHz/ Also, I am going to install the processor myself but will this void my warranty that I have at Futureshop? It's very simple to do Big Smile

Thanks, WAR10CK

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  • The system uses a socket P CPU, max 2.53 GHz.  Upgrading the CPU is NOT covered by the warranty and any damage done is not covered.


  • Alright thanks for your time! Wow, it's a risk...

  • Does that mean a 3.0GHz Dell T9900 processor wouldn't work on a Dell Inspiron 1545 with Socket P and an ATI Radeon HD 4330 Video Card? My warranty's expired, so buying a processor is cheaper than buying a new Inspiron 15R.

  • That CPU almost certainly won't work.  The P8700 was the fastest shipped with that model system - it's a 25W processor.   Even if the T9900 works, consumes an additional 10 W of power -- the 1545 just isn't designed to handle that and will likely overheat.

    Beyond that, it's a bit like turbocharging a Hyundai Accent - even with the added power, you still have an econobox.  Whatever you add to a 1545, the video isn't upgradeable - so no matter how fast the CPU, it's still an economy system, not a performance system.

  • Can you blame me for wanting to pimp my Hyundai? I'm saving up to buy a Dell laptop with a decent graphics card and Blu ray support, but in the meantime I have to make due.

    So what would be the fastest processor I can install in a Dell 1545 with Socket P? The T4400 is only 2.2GHz yet you said the 1545 can handle at least 2.53 GHz. The P8700 is 2.53GHz but I'm not sure PGA478 is the same as Socket P.

    Would the P8700 fit on a Dell H314N motherboard with the Radeon 4330 HD card, pin-and-power-wise? Also, what's the maximum RAM I can put in the H314N while running a 64 bit OS?

  • The P8700 will work (but won't change things much).  The system will take up to 8G of RAM, if you replace both modules with 4G soDIMMs each.

  • Good to know, thanks.

  • I realize this is a really old thread.

    Kingston SSD 120GB $49

    2 x 4GB SODIMM 8GB PC2-6400 $95

    T9600 2.8Ghz CPU $19

    The memory could probably be optional, but the SSD changed the whole performance of the machine.   This was definitely worth the upgrade for the price.