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want to turn scroll lock ON

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I have a new Inspiron 1545 and I am not thrilled with this keyboard. First I noticed there is no indication of when the caps lock key is on (except for the little on screen icon that flashes once). Now I've noticed that the arrow keys and backspace key won't "scroll." I have to press them repeatedly which becomes tedious. If I want to delete a sentence with backspace I can't just press the button for a few seconds and watch it disappear. This leads me to the next annoyance... there are no scroll lock or number lock keys. I opened the on screen keyboard and tried selecting them there and didn't notice any difference. Am I missing something trivial here?

I happened to be in Sam's earlier today and as I passed their laptops I saw one just like mine so I stopped and tried the backspace key.... worked like a charm, so I'm sure this can be fixed and I'm just missing it.

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  • ;^) Go to your Control Panel, and look for the one for Keyboard.  That tool should have settings for "Repeat Delay" and "Repeat Rate."  Try fiddling with those to see if changing them helps.