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Inspiron 9400 battery not charging, but laptop says it is


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Inspiron 9400 battery not charging, but laptop says it is

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Hi all I have a problem I'd like to ask you fine people for help on.

Unfortunatley I can't find quite the same problem discussed here before.

The battery status on screen says the battery is charging, and working normally, but the battery stays at 0% constantly. it will not charge at all.

A little history:

- This is my second battery, which is not a genuine Dell item but it used to charge fine when I bought it 6 months ago. It gradually lost charge after the current charger stopped charging, and fell to 0%

- I'm on my second genuine Dell charger (the first would get hot and occasionally switch off or not charge the battery)

- The connections on the battery and the laptop APPEAR to be ok

- I have been using my laptop on mains only power for a couple of months now with battery inserted, constantly at 0% charge


- I've read that a BIOS flash might solve it (I can't do this as the system requires at least 10% battery charge. any way around this perhaps or not worth the risk?)

- I've read that there is a common problem with the motherboard that needs fixing. Anything to do with a possible flat CMOS battery? (im not aware mine is flat)

- OR is my non-gen battery to blame? I would buy a new genuine Dell battery this time if I can be reasonably sure it will solve the problem. I'd like to see if my battery would charge in another Inspiron. Or try to charge it externally (any way I can do that safely or wire my charger directly to the battery or will that not work? External chargers are just as expensive as a new battery).



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  • Go into BIOS and check if the AC adapter type and Battery type is reported, other than unknown.
    If either are listed as unknown, battery charging is shut down in BIOS.

    DELL laptops communicate with adapter and battery.

    Read about the DELL battery charging system


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  • Hi LN

    Thanks for your reply.

    I tried what you suggested.

    The BIOS says that the AC adaptor type is "90W" and the same for battery type.

    The BIOS says the "battery is performing normally" and that the battery is "charging". Charge is always listed as being at 0%


    Could a BIOS reflash (or upgrade above the current version A09 if it exists) solve the problem or could this be hardware or the battery's fault? I have had the current battery about 18 months, a little longer than I first realised! Maybe I do need a new battery?



  • Since there's no evidence of a fault elsewhere, the battery would be the #1 suspect.


  • Seems communications are ok - 18 months for a battery fully depends on it usage.
    Assuming daily use, I'd say you're in for replacement.

    The battery has it's own micro-controller with flash memory.

    It's a well kept secret how to reset batteries, clearing memory unleashing possible potential battery capacity.

    I'd not do a BIOS upgrade till with the back against the wall.

    Preferably upgrade when switching OS or upgrading.


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