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Have to press keys hard....


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Have to press keys hard....

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I just purchase a Studio 15 laptop and it works great. The one problem I'm having is, the keys must be pressed hard  for them to work. Some keys seem to be worse than others. Will this improve with use? My previous Toshiba laptop didn't  do this. It is frustrating to be typing and look up and many of the letters didn't appear on the screen. To clarify, the keys press OK, just the charecters won't always appear unless you press hard.

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  • Contact Dell Support since this is a new computer.

  • Hi. Same happened to my  new Studio 1537.  I was wondering how you managed to resolve this problem. 

    As I did not buy directly from Dell.   Before returning Laptop was considering my options.

    Did  Dell  fix  this  by  replacing  with  new  keyboard?

    I  was  thinking   either a new  keyboard  or  the  connection  of  the  keyboard  to  the  Laptop  is  loose.