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Hi everyone..I just need some help on how to reformat my laptop..I've seen the instrution provided by dell but it didn't work on my laptop when I tried it. I turned on my laptop then hold down CTRL key then press F11 but I've just heard a beep tone and no DELL PC RESORE BY SYMANTEC appeared. I really need to reformat my laptop coz it doens't work the way it should work anymore.. I can not open the bluetooth, can not used the welcome screen log on.. Really having so many problems with my laptop. And the only solution I can see is to reformat it but then it didn't work..Help me please? What should I do to reformat my laptop form its factory settings? I wanted to call the dell service center but they don't have in Philippines..Anyone knows where is the office of dell in the Philippines or any contact details of dell here in the Philippines.. I badly need the assistance..Anyomne knows how to fix this problem? Please do inforam me.. It will be highly apreciated..

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  • How old is the lappy and have you done anything with the partitions? I take it you don't have any cds. Have you tried a windows restore? You could run a system file check even if you don't have a cd but you have to change the registry:

    Now you will need to tell your computer you now have the files on your PC. We do this is the registry (type regedit in the Run box on the start menu) by navigating to:


    You will see various entries here on the right hand side. The one we want is called:


    It probably has an entry pointing to your CD-ROM drive, and that is why it is asking for the XP CD. All we need to do is change it to:


    Simply double click the SourcePatch setting and a new box will pop up allowing you to make the change.

    Now restart your computer and try scannow sfc again!

    Type sfc /scannow (note space) into RUN.


  • You'll need to manually reload Windows from the CD (you'll need an external CD drive).  I don't think the mini systems shipped with the Symantec Ghost quick restore.


  • Hi there, 


    Thanks for the advice, I tried it unfortunately it didn't work. I opened the sourcepath but when I double clicked it, the only box I saw is the box which I saw  is asking for the value name. Below the value name is a box that has c:\. When I clicked it, its just gone. My laptop doesnt have cd drive. It's mini. Another thing that I did was transfered all the files from OS cd to my Usb and then I used my Usb to reformat my laptop. I had the hard time doing it too. When It was with the installation and it restarted," nvrd32.sys is not found" appeared in the screen. From there I tried to press any key and it restarted again..again and again.. Still nothing is change in my laptop..

  • I had this same problem...basically, it seems that when it gives you this error, the solution is to be sure that you are booting to the DVD drive that you have attached.  Just let it reboot and hit F12 when you see the Dell logo screen, select the drive where you CDs are, and when it goes back in again it'll start installing the files.  Hope this helps!