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Webcam brightness problem(only in IM MODE) having inspiron 1545


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Webcam brightness problem(only in IM MODE) having inspiron 1545

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The problem that I am facing is with my Webcam

I have kept the settings of the brightness to max. However the webcam doesnt work like that.

The more I increase the resolution of the webcam; more the picture gets brightened alongwith the resolution increasement
And same happens in the other way when I decrease the resolution. . .. .I mean to say that the brightness of the webcam has a directly proportional(type of relation) with the brightness of my webcam

Please help me fix it :-s

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  • Please re-read your post. It sort of makes no sense. Can you be more specific?

    ".. .I mean to say that the brightness of the webcam has a directly proportional(type of relation) with the brightness of my webcam"

    That line makes no sense.

  • ofcourse that line doesnt make any sense as the problem is weird =S

    Ok. . so here i go explaining again . . .

    While using the webcam in Im mode, whether I brighten up da webcam orrr brighten it down; the image doesnt get affected at allll. .


    However.  .while using the camera in simple picture capturing mode; when i go on increasing the resolution of camera, da brightness of the camera also keeps on increasing with that. . .


    Hope now u have got my problem . .

    If not . then just help me fix the first problem at least :|

  • What IM service are you using and what brand webcam?

    Normally when you use an IM service you can still load the camera software and make adjustments. You just can't use the software capture because the IM is using the camera driver.

    It seems the camera is working fine with its own software so there may be a compatibility issue with your IM.

    I use a Logitech wecam and all the IM programs I have used worked fine with it. The best program that works with it is Logitech's Vid program. You may want to try that one.


  • Im using Msn Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. . And i face this problem in both of the messengers.

    Im having Dell Inspiron 1545 and I use the builtin integrated webcam of the laptop. .

  • I just purchased this laptop and I have this exact problem. Using Skype or IS has the same result. The brightness control does not have any effect on the camera. It remains just as dark. If I raise the resolution seems to brighten the picture just a little bit. I updated everything, the drivers, the software, the bios, and no change. Anyone figured out how to fix this? Thank you. (Inspiron 1545)
  • Very same problem on a brand new XPS Studio 1645 (Windows 7 64 bits).

    I never had a similar issue on my previous laptop (XPS 1545).


    If anyone can help us, I would be very happy :-)

  • And I as well! It IS quite frustrating.  I just got this new XPS, and it is meant to be better than a Dell that i have (another laptop.)  But this laptop when compared side by side, the integrated webcams are completely different.  The one for the XPS is more "pixelated" and more flicker, and thebrightness bar does not ( Barely, hardly can tell) adjust the brightness levels.  Which interferes with chats, and face logins, etc.  The other laptop (DELL also) has  btter resolution, no pixels to be seen, flawless video, etc. So strange !! Aren't all the itnegrated webcams for dell the same? Besides the point, the brightness for the webcam is bothering me greatly, and I have too already updated , etc. Please,  if anyone help, this will be GREATLY appreciated!

  • That's the "Answer", lets make a collective demand, I just claim compensation, I got a product that doesn't work!!!

    "Thank you so much for clarifying your concern. Please accept our apologies for the delay in responding, we have been having problems with our mailbox routing software which resulted in your mail being routed to the wrong mailbox. It has only just been passed back to the correct mailbox.

    I have checked your system as well as the drivers available for your system and unfortunately, DELL doesn't have a Windows 7 64-bit webcam driver. The only drivers that are available this time are Windows XP and Vista. Unfortunately, we are unable to give a date for the updated driver for the system. I recommend that you regularly check the drivers online by visit

    As for the replacement webcam driver that you have found, unfortunately DELL is unable to confirm if this will work nor advising customer to use the driver. DELL will not be responsible if you have used unauthorized or 3rd party drivers.

    Again, I apologize if we are unable to supply you the driver at this time.

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