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installing the Dell wireless 355 bluetooth module


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installing the Dell wireless 355 bluetooth module

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 I got a dell wireless 355 blue tooth module and want to install it in one of my laptops... i have a inspiron 8100 and a inspiron 5150 is the bluetooth module 355 compatiable with either of these laptops? if by any chance that it is compatible... where physically would it be installed on the lap top?


thank you in advance for any help...

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  • :^/ I cannot say for those two models particularly, but adding bluetooth to my XPS M1210 was easy enough.  The bluetooth card is about one centimeter by three, so it can fit just about anywhere.  For me, it was under the battery.  If you buy the module from Dell, it should come with the drivers on CD, too.

  • i have the dell 355 module and the cd disk with the drivers, however i cant find out if it will physically fit in the inspiron 8100 or the inspiron 5150,and where the module will physically be located inside the computer...( ie behind the battery or where ever ) i have contacted dells tech support, and after over an hour on line (chat) with a tech guy, he ended up giving me the wrong information, i dont believe he truely understood what i wanted, even though i explained it the same as i have explained it here.... please tell me where i have gone wrong, where am i not explaining what im trying to do??? i need some help... thank you again for any help

  • I could be wrong but I do not think that either of those laptops had an option for bluetooth so they would not have the needed connections on the systemboard. I would think that if you want bluetooth you will need to get one of the small USB bluetooth options.

    My Inspiron 1720 did have the option but there was not one installed when I bought it. Because it was an option for that system I was able to add the 355 easily to it because the wiring was already in place. Mine is installed under the panel between the top of the keyboard and the bottom of the LCD.


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  • ;^) A good indicator would be an indicator light with the Bluetooth logo.  My M1210 has the light as standard, but the circuit card itself is optional.  I had to order it, but once in place and with the drivers installed, it worked like a charm.

    :^/ On the other hand, if a given laptop has no Bluetooth light, nor logo, it's a good bet that it likely doesn't support Bluetooth as an option...