I have an interesting problem going on with my Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop.  I have Windows XP on it by the way.  The problem is, the number keys on the keyboard have decided to stop working.  That is to say, they work, but when pressed they only do the symbols on the key which you usually have to press shift for.  Also, when typing all of the letters are capitalized unless you turn Caps Lock on, which is of course backwards of what it should be.  I have connected an external usb keyboard to it and it does the same thing on the external keyboard!

As far as the mouse is concerned, when you go to single or double click on an icon on the desktop, it selects every icon on the desktop for some reason, which gets really annoying when you only want to open one thing.

I have tried cleaning the keyboard, reinstalling drivers, and everything to no avail.  Also, after plugging in and unplugging an external usb keyboard, i have gotten both of them to work at the same time after plugging and unplugging a few times, and messing with the num lock keys etc.  I dont know what to do next and im at my whits end, please help

Thanks in advance'