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Studio 1555 wireless problem, it randomly hangs up (dell 1510 wireless-n mini card)


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Studio 1555 wireless problem, it randomly hangs up (dell 1510 wireless-n mini card)

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Hi all.

First of all I am a bit angry that my post was deleted for no reason. (is not this a tech support forum?) I will post my problem again, I work nearly the whole day and by the time I arrive home, where my laptop is located the online chat and the phone support is not working.

I have a studio 1555 it arrived 5 days ago (core 2 duo t6500, 2GB ddr2, radeon 4570 512MB, 1510 wireless N mini card, vista home premium). It works great and runs games pretty nicely, the internet also works well except that at random it hangs up, the browser remains loading pages but never loads anything, and all programs including other browsers cant access the internet either.

The wireless assitant shows no problem and even if I repair the connection it shows no problem at all and I can even ping the default gateway. After this happens the windows explorer program has a bad habit to crash and require reboot, from this point on I cant connect to the net with any program and and cant even restart the OS as it remains at "windows is shutting down" indefinitely, I have to forcefully shut it down something that I am not fond at all of doing.

So far I have tried the following: Reinstall the network card driver (did not work) FUlly update windows vista (did not work either) Disable windows firewall, change default browser (well I never expected this to work but I did it anyway) I have tried to attach windows debugger to internet explorer but I cant seem to find what is wrong, I will try to attach it to the windows explorer tonight (I dont have much time at home)

Thanks for any help, and the guy that removed my post at least have the decency to say "sorry we are not going to help you" and lock the topic instead of removing it out of the blue.

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  • I am so glad I am not the only one who is having this problem. The exact same thing happens to me only internet explorer never never hangs. Websites act like they are trying to load but never do. In Firefox downloads still say they are downloading at 300kbs but they never complete. Sometimes my ping times to the computers in my house are around 3000 ms.   I have the "Intel WiFi Link 5300 802.11AGNHalf Mini Card" on a Dell Studio 1555

    I thought it was because I installed win 7 enterprise and it had the wrong driver.  Then I set up a dual boot with Ubuntu and am having the same problem.

    I know it is the wireless connection because the problem goes away when i used a wired connection. My Wife has a Dell mini 9 and it does not have the same problem so It is not my wireless network.

  • I am having this same problem, in a Dell Studio 1555!  It's a machine I just got from Dell, and I'm not sure if it's the Dell hardware, the driver, or a Vista issue.
    I know it's not the wireless in the house - other systems can use it just fine.  I've noticed that Firefox and other browsers will hang, but other software clients that aren't using HTTP don't get hung up. e.g. I can still ping systems on the Net. I have a wireless card call Intel WiFi Link 5300 with PAN (whatever the heck "PAN" is :).

    I've updated the latest Windows Vista fixes, and also a relatively new driver from Dell.

    Any ideas, suggestions? This is very disruptive, to have it hang like this.  thanks

  • I fixed the problem after some debugs and some feedback with dell tech support, in my case the firewall I was using (Zone Alarm) was the one causing the lockdown and crashes, I figured it out after doing PC restore and then installing the programs that I use one by one, the moment I installed Zone Alarm the moment that the hangs came, kinda hard to believe since I have been using that firewall for many years on XP, but it seems that is just problematic on vista. When I uninstalled Zone Alarm the random Hangs/crashes ceased.


    I can't tell you what is wrong or how to fix your problem, but it may be something similar, some program that you use to manage/block connections or access/block to certain pages or a program that you use to restrict internet access based on users or something like that, uninstall them and check if it fixes the problem. I can tell you the steps to do PC restore if you want but I think is better if you use it as last resort, not at the first. Uninstall all those programs and start testing them one by one. Most likely one of those is causing the problem.


    Hope it helps.

  • I have installed zonalarm on several dell PC's with windows XP - not problem. My wife's PC with windows Vista  hung completely after installing zonalarm 64-bit version (I got the link directly from zonealarm tech support). The problem is definitely incompatability between zonealarm and the network connections.


    As soon as windows starts up and tries to connect to intenet to check updates, it hangs completely. (Mouse does not even respond.) I fixed problem by:

    - booting in safe mode.

    - disable wireless network card (via Device Manager)

    - restart windows in normal mode. No problem. Zone Alarm starts up fine.

    - de-install zonealarm

    - re-enable network card

    - restart windows, and everything is fine.

  • When diagnosis under windows is a dead end - try a free OS to know for sure it's NOT hardware related.

    If used this method several times - and was glad my hardware is OK - with Windows acting up (again)



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  • Hello! I bought my Dell Studio 1555 five days ago and I'm having the same problem. 

    I am running Windows 7 with the latest updates.. i don't have ZoneAlarm installed as firewall.. just the NOD32.

    Please help.

  • Hello?! Where is the support?!

    HELP !

  • Matfei Daniel


    Hello?! Where is the support?!


    These are NOT official support forums Idea  These are community forums - i.e. we're nothing more than end-users/Dell system users like yourself.

    For that reason, you can't EXPECT replies to problems posted in here!


    If anyone reading the thread thinks they may have a suggestion which could help you, they'll reply.

    If you don't get a reply, it's likely because nobody who's read the thread has anything to offer.


    Re your problem:  Since your laptop is only 5 days old, you should contact tech support directly, via telephone, email, live chat etc Wink

    From experience, I've found that:   “Beauty is in the eye of the beer-holder”!!


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  • Hello fellow Studio 1555 owners,

    I have been experiencing a flakey wireless card for a while now.

    I have the 5100 card, and for a while its been taking 3+ tries to connect to a router 5 ft. away, and then from time to time it drops connection. The last couple days, everything seems fine but I can't connect to warcraft.

    I am not running ZoneAlarm or any other software firewalls. My router has "pass all" set for the network (yeah unsecured to try and solve this problem).

    I am running windows 7. When I try to update the drivers for the card, I can't. Its at 12.4 v and seems corrupted or something because I can't upgrade to the current 13.0 v of the drivers. That's manual - when I try the Windows update or device drivers screen updates it says its up to date (even though the driver almost 2 years old).

    As proof its the wireless card, I tethered with my iPhone and everything works fine.

    Does anyone have any other ideas?  I"m checking my ISP to see if they are blocking those ports for some reason, but thats my last resort.


    This is really getting annoying, and I've wasted a lot of time on it so far.

    - dave


  • Dave I have the same problem - did you ever find a solution, jmendeke