Windows 7 Light Sensor Drivers (Latitude D820)


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Windows 7 Light Sensor Drivers (Latitude D820)

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Windows 7 includes a new "sensor framework", one of which is native support for ambient light sensors such as the one in the Latitude D820.  After installing Windows 7, no sensor is displayed and Device Manager does not show any drivers missing.

It looks as though the light sensor is entirely controlled within the BIOS and not exposed as a device to the Operating System. Has anyone gotten it to work? I'd like to do some programming with the sensor framework and test it out.

I also can't find any way to configure the light sensor aside from turning it on or off - for example, I can't disable the light sensor or have it operate differently when connected to AC.

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  • If you install quickset (you'll need to use the vista version installed in compatibility mode), you'll get software access to the sensor and can set its sensitivity.  On my lat D430 with win 7, I can control the sensor, even on AC, with FN Left Arrow (which has a picture of a sun with the word "auto").

    There is no integration with the sensor framework.  Dell has not released a win 7 compatible QuickSet version for D series latitudes, and I somehow doubt that they ever will.

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